"Celebration Package"

Bug Report
Just curious if this thing is working as intended or not.

Once you mount up, you keep the buff, but you lose the tabard look. Sure you can reuse the item, but u can't mount up at all and keep that look. =(

Imo it should be fixed!
My tabard disappeared even before I checked my mail for the celebration package
i noticed it doesn't stack with the guild tabard is it not supposed to? or is it a glitch to?
The buff also disappears when you log out.
I did some testing, and to clarify, here are the steps I took to make this bug occur:

1) Equip Illustrious Guild Tabard (unsure if other tabards, or any tabard at all is required for this).
2) Click Celebration Package and receive anniversary buff.
*Note that my tabard graphic has been replaced with the WoW tabard graphic*
3) Mount up (I used a land mount; I can fly in Outland but do not have the ability to fly in the old world).
*Note that the original tabard's graphic has been restored, though the buff is still active*
4) Right-click the buff or wait for it to expire (lasts 1 hour), or die.
5) Re-click the celebration package and the tabard graphic is restored (until you mount again of course).
*note that re-clicking the celebration package while the buff is still active but the graphic is not displaying will not restore the graphic. You must cancel the buff first.*

I think this will be filed under "this one-time only event will end before we are able to fix the bug", but just in case it can be fixed server-side, those are my findings.

by the way, the troll above me has an awesome hat.

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