"Blood and Thunder!" quest is stuck...

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Still bugged like no other Biz Fix this $#!+ for the love of god i cant level at all
Fall damage bug is still there this week. Just completed it on my feral druid (thank god I was on her) and as the shaman rescued me at the end of the chain, I took 21k fall damage. If I'd been doing the quest on a caster or at level, I would've died and chained to bug #2.

As it was, I was ok - but that was just a fluke that I'd decided to do all the cata quests on her and ignore level - so her HP, and that she was abducted at 100% health, was her saving grace. It doesn't mean there's not an issue with the quest for most folks.

Please fix this guys - the zone is incredible and different than any other, and bugs like this make it more of a chore than it should be.
Still there, died to bug #2, and am now stuck in the endless loop. Did all the aforementioned fixes, no-go. Just saying when this is one of the first quests you take part in after returning to the game, it's kind of a downer about sticking around again.
Still doesn't work. After coming back to wow because of receiving a scroll of resurection, i don't think i'll still be playing anymore if this doesn't get fixed.
Still broken as of 8/17/12 take 75% fall damage, dont believe that was part of the design as you ARE UNDERWATER!!! but i guess i can go to hyjal>:(!
Managed to do this quest tonight, but it was a little glitchy. Played through the event three times before it worked (Stayed closer to the ground the third time and it worked, maybe just a coincidence) but I did take fall damage when it ended.
Here we are in MOP, headed towards 5.1, and this quest is still buggy. What a shame
Okay guys (and girls, like me). I think I figured out the problem (And I am really lvl 80, the thing hasn't updated yet...). I abandoned it once, accepted it again, and it still wasn't working. I didn't abandon it again, I left it in my log, and was reading everyone's comments here. By the time I clicked the WoW window again, it was completed. I think all you have to do is wait in the ship until it's completed. Look at the web do any random stuff, and check back every now and then.
Died at least 18 times attempting to take on this quest. Of course this was due in part to me not knowing that I WAS NOT supposed to attack the swarms of Naga halfway through my venture in the undertaking of it.
Finally almost got abducted when I figured out I was supposed to not draw aggro, and swam upward (a bit prematurely I'm afraid) since I didn't wait for the correct quote to be spoken before I did so. I of course died since I was then attacked by multiple naga before the abducting naga showed up. The cycle continued about 4-5 more times without the abductor showing himself and the Shaman killing everything dead with the lightening attack. I'm guessing now that the location of your toon definitely determines whether or not the bug occurs.
I finally finished the blasted quest after standing next to a guard way off to the left from the commander and clear of the ship.. beat up two naga and was finally abducted. Thank you Blizzard for a quest with frustratingly unclear instructions and ensuing bugs throughout. I certainly hope that the bugs can be worked out of this area soon!
This quest is still buggy.

Just completed it successfully - but I cannot imagine the pain some people are going through on a non tank/heal toon without a fall damage buffer like a bubble (pally), racial (panda), or class (kitty/rogue) buffer to alleviate the fall damage.

In tank spec, I took 4k fall damage, mitigated by what was left of my guard ability, and the "bouncy" pandaren racial. Fortunately I knew what to expect, having been down this road before, so made sure I healed up before the abduction phase.

The last toon I experienced this lovely bug on was my warlock, who had no such buffer, who died and ended up looping due to "failing" the quest. That was... 10 months ago.

Particularly with the new race available and more folks levelling, please, I beg, put in some temp fix at least to complete this (cinematic that skips the abduction activity and damage phase?) to allow people to get through this without becoming lifelong friends with the rez angel, or just giving up in frustration.
i am having this issue as well... i am wondering if there is a minimum number of naga you have to kill, while keeping as many naga off of the other fighters as possible. my rouge had extreme issues with this. the one time it worked, i got killed in the nagas hands... but something that worked for me was hide behind the ship in the water. eventually you will be taken
Im and stuck on Blood and thunder as well after i get captured i just get shot out of the sky then i swim back and same fight over and over and over. fml.
Sonnuva death knight... I was just looking this up, as for me, on a Horde pandaren shaman, I was stuck with the event going through, all the orcs being taken, but my character being left behind. So I abandoned the quest and went back into the Immortal Coil, thinking it might stop resetting.

While sitting up there, without the quest, I was taken by a naga, as per the design. I just... I dunno.

At least I was able to take the quest again from Nazgrim outside, while he was fighting naga. After that, I just went back into the Immortal Coil, and I was captured by the naga again, and complete the quest.
Why is this quest still bugged after all this time? I've run through it 5 times now, the first time I straight up died to the naga. Every other time the naga takes me, get ambushed and killed and when he drops me I die and the quest never finishes.
*Edit* Of course as soon as I post about it the quest works perfectly... -_-

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