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so do i get in trouble?..i was doing 2s on my paladin for points and someone got globaled for your mistake

what happens to me...i have 2 toons on my server and my partners are on 1-3 days a week max
never forget

wait wait i see a different class in there, wait nope it was just a smudge on my screen :P

I would assume it would just be people who abused bug.

A rollback affects everyone. Without massive digging through logs, I doubt they could pick out every single person that exploited. Likewise, just actioning every paladin is ridiculous - some people didn't take advantage of the bug, so why should they be punished?

Clearly the way to go about this is to do a rollback and be done with it all.

I don't support rollbacks.
Stop asking for rollbacks. My Warlock had a good lfr run, did not do anything wrong and shouldn't lose anything because of whiners.
02/02/2012 02:23 AMPosted by Lytanshade
That bug was NOT there earlier, so something must have changed for this to appear, which means there was a hotfix.

Bet it was related to the Gurthalak sword fix to stop it procc'ing twice off seals. They probably decided to fix seals proc once and for all and got a decimal point in the wrong place...

This is what i was saying in other places...Yes there are several people other there doing exploits with macros to 20x there dps....while the rest of the ret comunity are doing there normal rotation and doing almost 10x what they should be at...

I think blizz screwed up on the hotfix for gurthalak awhile back and now they trying to do everything they possible can to fix what was "broken" and yet made it worse for everyone.
should frame that
Jump out and boom, here it all is.
Turning on my SEAL is not exploiting.

Well it depends what you do tbh if your a ret pally with 370ilvl never done normal ds and go get heroic ds done thats explioing it, and u have to agree with that?
Imo its bs to do rollbacks for people who have legitimately earned stuff throughout the time of this issue ban the people who knowingly pushed its limits to further themselves or there arena teams if they just went insane i for 1 believe they should get banned not only do reg players have to deal with this bs bot problem but we have to be reset cause some scrubs decided to abuse the game and mess it up for everyone else
02/02/2012 02:26 AMPosted by Chamolin
One of my friends told me about this. he said he was doing 150kdps. Thats nuts!

hey at least they got their answers abotu how Blood dks were OP they jsut made Pallies OPer :P jk
Any regards from the blue words if we can continue to farm BGs/LFD for honor or valor without the fear of a rollback?
Very, VERY different.

There has never been a bug like this before, where literally PLAYING THE CLASS AS INTENDED broke the game, where retribution has been served.

This. It's not like you had to make a macro or use your spells in a certain order or install an add-on or use a certain piece of gear that makes no sense. No, you log on, play the class and there you go, bug.

Like I said, people who went out of their way to take advantage of it (rated PVP and heroic raids) should probably get punished, but that's pretty much all.
I would hope that no bans are thrown out for Blizzard's oversight in coding.

To get someone banned because they did a LFG of.. let's say... Hour of Twlight? And when a Ret paladin turns on his Seal of Righteousness to DPS down the trash before Asira Dawnslayer and winds up killing all the mobs and has no idea what happened?

I mean, that's just the thing about this glitch: IT MANIFESTED DURING NORMAL PLAY. No one had to do anything out of the ordinary for it to occur. It just happened. It's like as if you took your car out of park, then the computer system utterly shorts out, auto-accelerates and causes the car to rocket forward and smash into another car.

You absolutely cannot blame the driver, the error was from some technological shortout that was beyond their control. You blame the car company for making a terrible electronic system in the car.

I'll be very surprised if anyone gets banned. It was pretty harmless aside from ret's wiping the occasional LFR on spine or madness. If you're mad because they owned you in PvP.. just think, what would you do in their shoes?
Haha, I didn't find out about it until now, so I didn't get a chance to expliot the glitch.

Darn and I could have finnally got For the Alliance!!!

Can you let us have it one more day please........ Its the only chance I'll ever have to kill Garosh.
02/02/2012 02:27 AMPosted by Thaedris
hey at least they got their answers abotu how Blood dks were OP they jsut made Pallies OPer :P jk

Greg Street was nerdraging in his sleep :((((((((((((((((((
never forget

wait wait i see a different class in there, wait nope it was just a smudge on my screen :P

i didn't make that
02/02/2012 02:01 AMPosted by Legolask
BTW, check that insane thread that has been reported multiple times.

The guy RPing with his sister?

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