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I'm really curious about whether or not this world event will be returning this year or at all. According to the original lore the Spirit of Competition was due to descend upon Azeroth every two years. However, we have not seen a return of the competition. This year Blizzard is hosting the Battle.net world invitational, releasing Diablo 3 (hopefully), and potentially finishing off MoP. My gut instinct says this world event has likely been scrapped, yet I continue to hope that it will return. I'd love a chance to get that gold medal, even if Blizzard didn't have time to redesign the pet, and yes I am aware the Chinese Dragon was supposed to be symbolic of the competition being in China. Still things in Azeroth aren't obligated to directly reflect whats in the real world, and a return of the competition would be better than no competition. Just my opinion on the matter... :-)
I was wondering the same thing! I'd really love to see the event return for the Olympics this year. The games are in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012 so we still have a few months. It hopefully wouldn't take a lot of work to reactivate it.

I'd honestly prefer it for the pet to stay the same anyway, since (a) it's named the Spirit of Competition so it seems to be the event mascot and (b) a lot of people (myself included), weren't lucky enough to get the pet last time as it was a random thing.

I'm hoping some dev will see this, if they haven't already planned to activate the event again. :)
Where's my moose GC?
For the china ones it was a lil dragon pet thing.

For London it should be a little
soccer (football, there) hooligan.

That would be HILARIOUS!

It could be a little gnome guy, in a weird shirt that looks kind of like a jersey.
He could have a crazy "angry" beard, and kind of act drunk and have a
ball he kicks, like the in game leather ball you can throw at people.

If you got him out in a battleground, he'd do this animation where if you won he'd tear down a goalpost.

If a horde player had the same "pet" out, they'd try to head butt each other.
I fully support this! I want a chance at this pet!
I got the mini dragon and tabard lol.
We didn't get one for Canada.
I want to get that again :( I used to have it on a very very very old priest, but I deleted her such a long time ago thinking that they would live up to their "every 2 year" word.
Never happened, and I love the little dragon pet oh so very much :(

But oh well, I hope they do something this year. They should of had something last year but OH WELL lol
I have this pet, but I really dislike when pets become unobtainable, so hopefully they will make it available again this year.
Would really love if the minipet was brought back this year! :)
03/02/2012 12:30 PMPosted by Meggle
Would really love if the minipet was brought back this year! :)

I agree.

I'd trade in my 2008 tabard just to get the pet that escaped me back then D:<
Modify the pug to look like an english bull dog, add top hat, monocle, union jack.

02/21/2012 07:51 PMPosted by Kraai
We didn't get one for Canada.

Summer Olympics tend to get far more attention than the winter Olympics though. Beijing Olympics were indeed in summer.

That said, Blizzard should recycle Murky, give it a permanent top hat, monocles, and occasionally do idle emote "Care for some tea, old chap?"
In 2010 it was opined that the reason there was no event is that it wasnt an "olyimpiad" year. Thus, if they dont have the event this summer we will know the real reason they had an event at all, which was to pander to their chinese subscribers.
Guess we will find out soon!
Still hoping this is brought back. <3
I'm quite curious as well. I was in China working during the last summer games.

That being said I quite suspect Blizzard only did it to bow to the Chinese government and their market. They didn't have any interest in Canada and likely none in England as well.
July 22nd, and so far it looks like there will be no Spirit of Competition. Darn that Scrooge Ghostcrawler.
i always have my spirit of competition out because it seems to be a rather rare pet

that or my sea pony
I'm really hoping that this year they will include a new pet! But i think a raven would be a much better choice since the Ravens of the Tower of London are (to me) one of the most iconic (living) symbols of London.
i always have my spirit of competition out because it seems to be a rather rare pet

that or my sea pony

The sea pony is incomplete without the sea turtle. :P I jest.

But aside from that, I would LOVE for this start again! Spirit of Competition 2012!! :D

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