WTS Spectral Tiger - Horde side

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This is the rare (blue) version, not the swift version. You can contact me in game or let me know how to contact you if you are interested.
Boons - I have the mount itselft, not the code.
Krimlin - I will contact you in game later. I am not able to log in now
Would you be willing to post it on the neutral AH?
I am looking to sell it for 350k gold. If you can cover the AH cut, I can post it at neutral AH.
What's the difference. an extra 5% over the regular AH?
It will be 15% AH cut in total. So for me to get 350k, you will need to buy it from neutral AH for 410k. 15% of 410k is around 60k.
I'm going to pass. GL in finding a horde side buyer.
No problem, thanks for the interest

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