{A} Realm Last - 14/14 Heroic SoO

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weekend bumps
Healers pls...
PLS. Need another shaman maybe, perhaps a disc? We're 9/12 25m now as well btw, did a 10m on Monday but we're definitely not 25/10. Let's see some apps!
Twins go down easy.
Could really use some exceptional apps. , pls haLp.
Competitive DPS could be really helpful. Please drop by and apply if you think you can do work!
Cauterizing!!! Lawrdy Lawrdy pls haLp!!! Oh yeah, and we need some more competitive apps too :P
I'm sorry Chris
Hey im loking into possibly applying i find myself in need of a new home .any room for a main raiding spot for me . i come with cookies and milk
Are you looking for a hunter? I didn't see it on the recruitment needs.
Bump for updated recruitment post.
Resto shammwow
Jin'rokh's dead, this pleases me.
Bump for some smart dps!
turtle dead +++++
Turtle down, I want to make soup of him.
Prot Pally (with plenty of HM main tank experience on Illidan) and a very solid SV Hunter, both transferring from Kil'Jaeden to dedicate more time to raiding again.

I posted a thread on the forums last night, so feel free to check that out for more info.

XP: ToT 3/12 (9/12 LFR), MSV/HoF/ToES 16/16, FL 6/7 HM (should have been 7/7 pre-nerf), BWD/BoT 9/13 HM + Sinestra, ICC 12/12 HM, DS 8/8 (1/8 HM)

MS Prot (500, low trinket) with Ret OS (504)

SV Hunter (508)

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