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you sonsof!@#$%es! my wife just reactivated her account TWO days ago
Wait, I jsut took the "Free 7 Day" visit and see what yo have been missing package. I started it up on March 3rd...

The scroll is for accounts that have been inactive since March 4th. So I cant get this offer now?

Belive me, I feel the complaints of loyal wower's as well, but that was some sneaky !@#$ if BLizz offered 7 free days with a deadline offer of March 5th and then on March 6th puts this offer out.

why so ppl can miss use the scroll and un sub and re sub with in the time frame?

I mean by comming back for my 7 free days makes my account "active" on march 4th, and therefore if I like the changes and re-sub my friend/guild can not offrer me this scroll.

My account was "inactive" since about last Sept, but since I got an email from Blizz just 4 days before my guildmates could offer me a scroll, my account isnt eligable.

Basically the Blizz "free" 7 days cancels out the chance to get a scroll from my friends.

My main issue is the March 5th dealine on Blizz's offer.
Seriously? Me and a group of friends decided to start playing again last week, we tried to send each other scrolls of resurrection but they were disabled at the time, and now this is announced. Had we waited one week we would have gotten all these rewards. Really sucks.
you get a free realm transfer? ugh, whatever. disappointed :/

wow... i kinda wanna stop playing this game for this... thanks for nothing... we spend money every month to play here and our loyalty doesn't get us anything! what's happening to this game??
This smacks of desperation.
What is this? Seriously? First came Heirlooms (I like them actually but many blame them for people levelling too fast and not knowing their classes), then RaF, and now... this? A free upgrade to level 80? A free server xfer? A free upgrade to Cata? The servers are going to be flooded now with too many people who don't know anything about the game and their class. Think of it, a guy got his account to level 7 and never played again. Now he wants to play again and his friend "resurrects" him and boom he is level 80. No gear, no experience, nothing. Unless Blizz rewards them even more with 80 gear. Not only do they know nothing of the game they now lost the chance to experience the fun of levelling (grinding lol) their first character to 85. People are getting rewarded for not playing the game. And people like us who actually play the game get one "cool" mount. Honestly, this is just an outrage.
Blizzard stop hanging your balls in our faces and just slap us with them already.
Blizzard: Selling out since 2012

Thanks for shafting your loyal player base. World of Warcraft, a game where you get rewarded for NOT playing the game.

*Upgrade to Cata ($60)
*Free level 80 (2/3 days played)
*Free server transfer/faction change ($55)


This is a stupid service. I spend 8 months leveling from 1-80 and people who HAVEN'T paid for 8 months ($120) get level 80 for free, a faction change / Server Transfer ($55), 7 Days of free time, Cata upgrade ($60), I can only afford epic flying on ONE character as it is, they get it for free. (5,000+ In game gold value)

What a waste.
Dear Blizz,

Not sure if you ever heard of the phrase "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

All of us, who have been loyal, and didn't bite, continue to get nothing.
While you reward those which bit you, and abandoned you.

Thanks for everything.

Loyal Long-Term Paying Customer.


P.S. However, thanks for letting the battlenet servers crash so most of us can't log on, with (Educated Guess?) the spam of scrolls to reward the "biters," and once again, giving us help by not even so much as a blue post. :)
My last opinion since this thread isnt going anywhere but a mass of QQ

They dont owe us jack. Loyalty to them is us being subbed, support them and their decisions or if not at least make reasonble feedback instead of i want free stuff QQ honestly the way a lot of us have been acting, there is no reason to give out free stuff.

TO me loyalty mean i keep my sub up because i like playing this game, I dont feel the need to be rewarded since im already being rewarded by playing this game, have old achievements that ive obtained throughout the years etc etc

I dont see ppl going up to their mechanics and tell them they want free service because they have been going the same shop for many years or their doctors they for a free appointment because they have them from the beginning of their new lives.

Btw isnt this just a game with a subscription so why do you feel the need to be rewarded, your already playing the game if you dont like it play something else
Actually you can get favors.

I've been waived for some bank fees because of being loyal/long-time friend/customer.

I've also gotten a free cell phone upgrade.

Cuz there are like, 4 other banks and cellphone companies to compete with.

Blizz would be more likely to bend over backwards for its customers if someone out there was able to actually take them.
Dear loyal players,

Stop crying about 'getting nothing' for being loyal. You received the enjoyment of immersing yourself in the world of Azeroth while others had to face the cold, harsh 'real' world. They deserve something for falling off the wagon and giving in to this addiction.
Excuse me for my bad reading comprehension of the faq, but could someone clarify for me the eligibility? It says you can resurrect the accounts that were inactive before/on march 4th, so will the scrolls not apply to any future accounts that may expire soon?
03/06/2012 11:21 PMPosted by Kearia
Excuse me for my bad reading comprehension of the faq, but could someone clarify for me the eligibility? It says you can resurrect the accounts that were inactive before/on march 4th, so will the scrolls not apply to any future accounts that may expire soon?

Yes. Cuz you know people would let there account die just to snag the rewards.
What is this Blizzard...
On this day Blizzard gains 10 million salespeople, but loses its soul.

Nah, who am I kidding? Can't lose what's already long gone.

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