[H] <Aether> Recruiting

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Guild Aether has been a guild of bugger all for a while now, but recently we have decided to ramp up our doing stuff as a guild n shii.
Recruiting all players currently but particularly interested in;
Anyone interested in PvP (running BGs as a guild currently, looking to move on to RBGs, although this may not eventuate until early MoP we need numbers).
Anyone interested in raiding! Currently trying to build a team to get to know each other and all that fun stuff then when full, will be doing some t11/FL/DS raids as a group and hoping to stay together into MoP.

Any questions or invite requests can be directed to myself, Glitterguts or Destrõ.
I'm new to frostmourne X-ferred a few weeks ago, have continuted to gear up, (quit a few weeks into cata release).

I would be happy to gear up for you guys and join your team, send me an in game mail or whatevs and we can sort it out.

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