Female Orcs Don't Exist!

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Seriously, how do they reproduce?

I hate this holiday :(
Dive bomb the ones in Orgrimmar, or go into Horde Trade Chat and ask around.
04/13/2012 07:45 PMPosted by Alatär
Seriously, how do they reproduce?
Interbreeding. Keep your options open.
Orcs reproduce through budding. New Orcs grow out of the shoulders of other Orcs.
the hardest for me was a female gnome. I flew around Ironforge for an hour on this warlock looking for one. Luckily there were only 3 people in Ironforge total.
I got a tip for you since I had to do the same thing for dwarfs.

Fly high above org, click on the people you think are female orcs, then dive them to cast on them.
I've been flying around Orgrimmar for the last 3 evenings and haven't seen any :(

Well, I saw one but she was level 1, so not useful...
I had the most trouble with Tauren females this year.
Time to do some pvp...
Sup. i got a femorc, femtaur, femtroll... ftw...
04/13/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Reznov
Female Tauren, Goblins, and Dwarves (especially) are the rarest of rare specimens on mother Azeroth.

Yeah every time I'm in Org I get a whisper request for my Bunny Ear services. And I do it.

I've been a bunny a lot this year.
I'm starting to think people are ripping off my male draenei thread.
We don't...?

My alts include, a female dwarf, troll, tauren, goblin and forsaken. This holiday.. Kind of sucks for me. XD
04/13/2012 07:54 PMPosted by Cronumic
I'm starting to think people are ripping off my male draenei thread.
I'm not ripping off any threads, I'm QQing because I can't find a female Orc for my Noblegarden achievement :P
Oh, hai!

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