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Please do NOT expose inventory or stash data. Myself and many other people want some safe havens where we can store things people cannot see. This will be even more important (And you’ll probably have a larger outcry) once PvP and these web API’s are released because a lot of pvpers want to keep their setups (both gear and specs) private. Allowing people to view not only items on our characters, but in our inventories and stashes makes keeping these secret impossible. The only alternative is to get a second account and keep your gear there when not in use which is a terrible alternative.
Hmm, supposed to be an update monday, and still nothing? Sad panda....
Well he didn't say which Monday it's going to be :)
07/26/2012 10:30 AMPosted by Wanttowrite
Well he didn't say which Monday it's going to be :)

Well 2 mondays down :( still nothing.
PLLLLLLLLEAAAAAASE give us a preview of the updated fields before this goes live. Nothing worse than having to tweek things after they are live!
Hi everyone! Today we released D3 Game site profiles and will be releasing the D3 web APIs very shortly. As a result, I'll be locking this thread and creating a new D3 specific developer community forum on the D3 game site.

I'm so grateful to have answered your questions and gotten feedback on the D3 API. I'm very excited to have it launch soon and see what awesome things the community can create with it.

More at: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6821782/Character_Profiles_Now_Available-8_6_2012

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