The Political Situation of Azeroth

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I am writing a paper on the political situations across Azeroth and I would really appreciate some input.
Do you think the political situations are important?
Do you think factional disputes are important to character goals and progressions?
Do politics drive your character in any way?
What do you guys think?
You'll have to be a bit more specific, sure political situations are important as it determines what your character if loyal to their faction thinks much of what is going on. Vyn for example is an avid follower of the Banshee Queen and before the death of the Lich King vehemently wanted to destroy the Scourge and steal the Scourge's secrets in order strengthen his race. Now that the Lich King is dead, the Banshee Queen has returned to the Forsaken (read Edge of Night for more information on that)and decided to help the Forsaken with the destruction of the Worgen and the Alliance. So instead of seeing the Scourge fall, now he's trying to take new lands and get new recruits into the Forsaken. So yes politics are important, as they help to determine what's going on in the world and helps you out if you're a follower of your respective faction.
Most of the factions on Azeroth are Kingdoms and Monarchies, especially on the Eastern Kingdoms. Though our Kings are very honorable, have a particular outlook on the well-being of their people, and the future of the Alliance. It's more like a smaller version of the Holy Roman Empire imho, with several kings. (Varian, Genn, and recently Mekkatorque fit these.) Ironforge however, had to form a sort of Republic since Magni became a giant diamond, before that it was also a Monarchy.

The Horde from my understanding, consists of several tribes united under one banner similar to the Mongol Tribes that eventually joined up with Gengis' own. It was probably more like that with the Old Horde, with how brutal they were. Now though, maybe it's more Hunnic. Each race of the Horde has a Chieftain (Except the Forsaken and Blood Elves, which still have Monarchies) who follow the Warchief. They thrive on combat and ideals of honor and glory in battle, and under Hellscream, conquest.

From what I've seen: The Alliance is a loose confederation of Kingdoms while the Horde is a more unified Tribal force, but each faction has the option to join or leave the group. Vol'jin nearly left the Horde because of Garrosh and the Wildhammer has joined and left the Alliance at various points in time.

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