[H]Killtheme Fri/Mon group LF DK tank, ranged

Killtheme's Friday/Monday group is currently seeking members to fill out our open full-time raid slots in order to continue farming Dragon Soul before Mists of Pandaria for its members. Our group is currently 8/8H and are looking to fill our ranks with non-alts to give raiders from the guild's other group some of their lives back.

We raid Friday and Monday from 8:00-11:00 pm EST and we are currently seeking the following classes and specs for full-time raid positions.

Tank: Looking for a full time DK tank to take over for Killtheme (gtfo Darc haha)
DPS: Elemental Shaman with Restoration offspec

395+ item level is required as you should be geared for heroic DS raiding.

Contact Zellfel in-game via mail or whisper, or leave a message here. Thank you!
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Updated a bit
Still looking for ranged! :D
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Come join us ;)
hai guyz!
The man the myth the legend Zellfel. Pro group folks. If you run Balance/Resto Druid Ele/Resto sham or a pro lock pls feel free to drop us a line. Group will be our 2nd 8/8 hm group soon.

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME and friend to Murloc's everywhere...mrrrggglll!
Fri/Mon Group 7/8 HM DS..soon to be 8/8. Good work tonight folks

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME and friend to Murloc's everyhwere....mrrrggglll!
Updated for 8/8H status and to remove some alts out for some full time raiders.
Bump good luck boys ^^
are you guys still looking for a DK tank? the guild im in has changed its raid times and i cant make them they are to late for me so im looking for a guild to raid with

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