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(( Divert your attention to the second half of Maj's post. Balloon about to go "Bye Bye" And I'm not yelling at you about the "Sylvanis" issue. I was just confused as to how a Cannon could fire across two entire regions and with pin points accuracy hit a specific target... Thats my only issue. ))

The forsaken were in full retreat. Laman gets on his radio.

"Commander Cross, Halt your advance! The forsaken are in full retreat towards Redridge! Fall back into the pass. We've not received orders to attack Lakeshire!"

The radio crackles and statics until he gets a response.

"I will not take orders from you! Lieutenant, But I will fall back for now. Radio Stormwind and request our next set of orders. Cross Out."

Laman sighs and sends a nearby radio specialist to do the duty. He calls for his men to treat the wounded and finish off the Forsaken. "Staff Sergeant, Call for the men to reform a line at the Tower of Azora, Recall our Gryphons as well. Have them sent back to deal with that Gunship approaching the City!" The sergeant salutes and speaks over his radio.

He looked at his tactical map. Goldshire was secured with nearly One-Thousand strong and rested, Westbrook has been reinforced and holding well against the ground assault. They had not heard word from the Cavalry Regiment sent into Westfall or the forward scouts in the Duskwood region. Laman thought deeply before getting on the High-Powered Radio to Stormwind. "This is Lieutenant Laman Dirkhaven, We've repelled the first wave of Forsaken requesting reinforcements and supplies. Nearly Six Hundred casualties, Even more from the Horde. We won't let them pass!"

The radio sputters until a response comes through. "Affirmative, Lieutenant. We are sending supplies and reinforcements your way. Hold tight until further instruction. Our Aerial surveillance has detected a large force exiting the Duskwood Region and are pouring into Westfall. We assume their target is Goldshire, We will only be able to spare Two-Hundred men to reinforce you."

Laman nods to himself. "Roger that. Azora Detachment out."

(( Caud, Laman did not advance. If you knocked your character out at the Redridge border he should still be ummm... Undead? ))
((I'm going to post later on him trying to get to the river and join the other ground force attacking Goldshire))
(( Awww! Then who would be left to attack me!! :( ))
((I don't know. Perhaps you should pay the Death Knight a visit?))
(( I'm not even in the city and it would take a day or two ICly to walk all the way back to Stormwind just to confront Aakesh while he has... Five-ish friends with him? That is a bad engagement if i ever heard of one. I still have my little spy following him... Unless he forgot... ))
((Well you were just asking me! I don't think Aakesh is there yet, and with everything going on you could probably commission a horse or a gryphon to go straight to the Vault. He just seems lonely))
((And the first half of sets up Zpan setting up the explosives and triggering them while the last sentence mentions the Zepplin/gunship starting to crash on the mountains....))

They were sending out more and more troops - Infantry, Paladins, Priests, Mages.... over a hundred men and women, humans to Draenei were streaming out of the city once more along with supply wagons. Maj watched them go from the presumed safety of the Cathedral steps. Her gut clenched when she saw Barthe among them before forcing herself to relax. He'd be fine. He was a Hellsbane, from a family of several generations of Light-Bearers, with all their members either being Paladins, Priests, Warriors, or simple merchants.

Still she waved to him as his unit left. At first she thought he didn't see her until he turned and waved back. A shy smile crossed her face; he was one of the few her age who was genuinely nice and didn't hold her weaknesses against her.

He'd be fine. Being a Paladin was in his blood and his destiny.
((Caud, he's in max security prison. Of course he's lonely - uh, I mean fine. I would like to remind everyone about my post in General Discussion - - which I would like feedback on. I would like to eventually have a Blizz dev look at it, because the policy says "No unsollicited ideas". Please and thank you!))
((Kuulinian, my friend, I am here! Do not fear I will bring some story back to the fight fest. But first I need to catch up. I would appreciate it if everyone would hold off from posting for a short while. I need to get my two cents in.))
((Welcome back! I am excited to see what you bring to my table - erm, dusty cell floor))
((We have stated that this is not canon, at this point we're just having fun. I don't see anything wrong with that, I would never say any of this actually happened.))
((You don't see anything wrong with Cozert killing everyone and ruining the RP?))
Sterrollas watched silently as Aakesh sat upon the hill, weaving his hands in and out of themselves, chanting rhythmically. The five runes he had drawn upon the ground gave off an iridescent glow, pulsating as power was poured into them. The runes connected themselves, first in straight lines, then with a large, outer circle. The pentagram on the ground reminded the mage of the arts practiced by warlocks. Not a whole lota difference though he thought as he felt a small portion of his power drained by the hooded death knight.

A symbol began to form in the air, directly above the head of the sitting man. It slowly expanded out, into what looked to be the most intricate alchemy circle he had ever seen. It slowly grew in size and complexity until it stretched out a dozen or more feet in all directions. It seemed to be alive, shifting and changing, the strange hieroglyphics writing and rewriting themselves in time with the flow of power and the strange chanting.

A puff of smoke seemingly erupted in front of his face, looking down, he saw his breath fogging as it exited his mouth. The temperature was dropping rapidly, and he felt the heat leaving his fingers and face. The air dimmed, and looking up past the circle, he saw thick, heavy clouds converging on Stormwind. Looking into the distance, he could see the slowly extending out, reaching for the horizon.
Aakesh continued to chant, his lack of need for air aiding his speed. The ritual was draining, and without another death knight it would have failed. Even with the help of an expert mage, an archmage in all but title, there hadn’t been enough power. He had exhausted all routes, and had come to the conclusion that it was simply not possible. It was then he used it; a technique that was forbidden amongst the death knights. One that would give him the power of another while the connection lasted, even if that other had no wish to share.

He had reached out to Kuulinian, penetrating the barrier with the smallest strand of power possible. With the help of the ritual he was performing, Aakesh grabbed hold of his counterpart’s powers, activating his runes, and pulling the power through the connection. Better used out here, than unused in there he thought, thinking of all the things Kuuli was likely wanting to do to him now.

The process was a success, and the ritual shattered through the first block, as well as the next six without a problem. The etched ritual circle above him shifted wildly as the ritual hit its peak, power exploding out over all of Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains, Duskwood, Westfall and beyond. The thick clouds covered it all, and the temperature dropped to well below freezing.

At the harbors, ice began to cling to the sides of ships, wreckage and piers alike. Fires died out as the unholy frost began to tug at all the heat in the air. Joints of war machines froze, pins and bolts popping and shattering under the sudden stress.

Lakes and rivers throughout Elwynn froze over, and frost crept up the banks and over bridges, making crossing them a hazard to anyone. Leaves on trees quickly withered and died, dark gray wisps of their true beauty slowly falling upon a now silent world. Bark exploded out as sap hidden beneath began to expand from the rapid freezing, echoing through the forest with the force of a cannon. Several smaller animals that had never before seen such cold places dropped dead from lack of heat.

Westfall went from its normal light brown, to an all-out deathly gray. What little plant life there was quickly shriveled up, and the tall stocks of brown weeds drooped to the ground. Farmers hurried inside, quickly lighting fires and trying to warm themselves in the lacking outfits.

The same story was happening in Redridge and Duskwood. Spiders died, curling up into balls. Animals quickly huddled together for warmth, water froze, fires dimmed and lost their warmth. The world around the summoning circle seemingly died in an instant. And over every square inch of the affected world, snow began to drift down.

Large flakes of it, clinging to anything they touched, creating thick blankets over the entire world. Areas that were once green and lush were suddenly turned the purest white. An eerie silence covered the land, all sound muffled by the ghastly snow. Standing slowly, Aakesh turned to look at his mage companion.

“This will boost both mine, and Kuulinians powers. But for his plans to work, I need to lose my tail. Valitha, are you there?” he inquired, looking to the left of Sterrollas. The slinder Sin’dorie stepped out from behind the mage, looking up at him with eyes full of fake sorrow.

“I swear I just got here,” she whispered, big eyes slightly watering as she seemingly whimpered.

“Drop the act. Is he gone?” he said gruffly, waving a hand at her.

“He is.”


“No, he looked tired, I just helped him fall asleep. He should be down for a good few day nap,” she grinned, her soft, teary eyes replaced by sharp, deadly ones. She fingered the tip of a small blade, smiling wickedly.

“Excellent, go tell Tristrix to find and help that paladin…”

“Laman,” she informed his quickly.

“Yes, Laman. I think he has a crucial role here,” Aakesh stated, turning around to make his way down the hill. As the Elf disappeared, he felt the other man quickly follow suit.
((Kuul, I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your power. To everyone else, remember there is an actual story going on here too, this isn't just a fight fest. Try to give those of us writing the main story some time to respond to all of this. Thanks =]))
(( Don't mind Cozert he's just a bad 10 year old troll going through the RP forums thinking he's a five star comedian))

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