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I'm having an issue with Deadly Boss Mods and the timers, specifically in pvp, where if I enter a bg I never know if my timers will work. At first it seemed as though it would only do this if I entered an in-progress bg, but now it can be under any circumstance and I cannot seem to duplicate the problem.

I've tried simple stuff like turning off other addons, deleting and re-installing dbm, and deleting the cache folder. I'm using the most current dbm, according to curse client, and I have no other dbm packs installed, just the main one.

Any help on this one or if another mod, specifically for pvp timers, could be suggested I would really appreciate it!

Edit: when I load into a bg it does always say pvp module loaded.
type /dbm into your vchat window and in the "general settings" or something referring to there should be an option for a "test mode" That should run your timers to show if they work or not.

You can also load the PvP module through the config as well and check to see if the timers are installed there as well.
They work only sometimes.

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