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I dont know about everybody else but i hate when i need to litterally go to a city to craft a item.
personally i think that a BS should be able to make portable anvils to craft when every we want it should be like a mailbox

should be 515+ to use should require...
10 pyrium bars
5 volatile earth
1 hardened elementium bar
2 choas orbs

must be 515 to use this item it summons a anvil for (5-10mins)
also has a (20-30min) cd.
I agree, but it should be Engineer-made not Blacksmith. Also I'd be fine with updating the mats and making it an MoP recipe.
Good thing in mop something like that will exist yes
07/03/2012 06:23 PMPosted by Glìtterstorm
Good thing in mop something like that will exist yes

via engineering
When you summon the anvil, a bipedal coyote should walk up to you and point a gun at your face.

Then the anvil falls out of the sky and crushes him.
Engineers are getting a portable Anvil/forge combo in Mop.
Wow, it's like I'm a psychic or something!

I actually didn't know this was being added. Now I'm excited!

: )
well think about it like this eng can make alot of stuff that is portable:
portable mailbox:
multiple repairbots:

I personally think it should go to blacksmiths i mean we need it more then eng and they make a crap load of money as it is the only thing profitable for a bs is the tips enless you farm the crap out of mats lets look at ds legs for a sec:

Foundations of courage:mats required
8 truegold...=24 pyrium bars+80earth+80water+80fire
10 hardened ele. bars....100 ele bars+40 earth
4 chaos orbs
8 ess. of destruction

In retro-spec that is really really really hard to farm pre-nerf......(another story for another day lmfao) and its very costly:
i personal dont see how bs is at all profitable unless your in a great group and you have everything on farm + bs use anvils more then eng...nuff-said!
Pets, a motorcycle, and hunter scopes don't equate to engineers making a crap load of money.

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