DS 25M Heroic (8/8) GDKP

Hello everyone!

Cataclysm will be coming to a close within the next few months. Progression is over and content, for the most part, has been cleared for quite some time. However, it is always true that some individuals may require / desire a certain piece of gear that has yet to drop for them, or be won by them. Likewise, there are of course people who don’t mind stocking up on gold.

Dishonor Elite, a 25 man, 8/8 Heroic-clearing guild will now be organizing a 25 man Heroic Dragon Soul GDKPs to replace our normal, Tuesday night raid time. Invites will begin at 6:30 PM Server Time and we will begin pulling at 7:00 PM Server Time. Ideally, the raid will end at 11:00 PM Server Time.

Goal / Ground Rules / Applying:

Our goal will be to organize a solidified, competent group to clear 8/8 Heroic 25 man Dragon Soul within the four-hour period of raiding. Essentially, this means we will attempt to clear the entire raid in one, single night. We are looking for players who have alts or mains capable of both following instructions and clearing the content on Heroic difficulty. While all players are inspected for consideration, players who are able to display a minimum of multiple 6/8 Heroic clears on either said alts or mains will have a much better chance of being selected for the weekly raid than someone who is not. Multiple fails to mechanics will not be tolerated for they impede the speed of the run. This may result in the raider being removed from the group and ineligible for any further GDKPs <Dishonor Elite> may host.

We are not looking to carry any member of the raid, we want to be in and out of the raid as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst at the same time distributing much-desired loot for those who want/need it and of course, the hefty gold-pot that follows. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of this raid and acquire that piece of loot you desire, or just want to make some gold, please whisper/mail and/or private-message (on the <Dishonor Elite> website forums) any <Dishonor Elite> officer, or Myself in game and we will reply to you with the best of our abilities.

You can visit our webpage at: www.dishonorelite.com if you wish to make a post, ask a question, or private message one of the officers.

http://www.dishonorelite.net/gdkp is a direct link to our GDKP post.

If you wish to sign up please do so on our forums at http://www.dishonorelite.com/forums/general-guild/for-sale if you have any questions about this please contact myself (stind) or Dravenor

Loot / Gold Distribution:

As is traditional in GDKPs, this is handled through a bidding process. Once a boss is defeated, all of the items in the boss’ possession will be Master-Looted to the Lootmaster, with the exception being the Rogue-Legendary Questline items, (which will remain on the boss). Afterwards, the Lootmaster will go through the loot link each item individually in chat, initializing the bidding process. Following each item linked, there will be a period of time for individual raiders to bid on the item. Items are to be bid on solely in chat to better record the values (amount bid), and to also act as a “receipt” in the event of any possible scam. The bidding process ends when there are perceived to be no higher bidders on an item. Following which, the winner will open the Trade Window with the Lootmaster and trade the gold he bid for the item. Under no circumstances will we hand out the item first.

There are certain minimum bid prices for each item to help ensure a decent pot (provided RNG is in our favor). Prices are as follows:

All Loot: Weapons, Armor, Trinkets & Mounts

3,000g Minimum Bid

Bids will go up by (at minimum) increments of 1000g unless specified otherwise on a piece of loot that would normally have a ridiculous bid-curve. The maximum bid, as long as a raider can pay it, is of course, unlimited.

Essences of Destruction, Disenchanted Loot, and Unwanted Loot go straight to an End Pot where 1 bid will take all.
*These prices, in general, are subject to change

*As mentioned before, the exact amount you bid must be paid in the SAME transaction as the “receiving of loot”. This means one trade window, one transaction. In the event this cannot come to pass, we will move onto the second-highest bidder unless specified otherwise, so on and so forth.

The gold is distributed evenly amongst all members of the raid ONLY at the end. The end is either when the last boss is killed, if/when <Dishonor Elite> decides to call it a night or when the raid time allotted* is up. Should an individual leave prematurely for whatever reason, they are not entitled to any gold. Their replacement however, will net their previously-entitled share even if he only came in, for example, one or two bosses.

*Note that the allotted time may be subject to change at the behest/request of the raid and/or by order of the Raid Leader. However, you are expected to be able to commit to at least the minimum time allotted on that raiding period.

Final Note:

As aforementioned, the people to contact have already been named. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we hope that you will consider our 25 man Heroic Dragon Soul (8/8) GDKPs in the near future.

Thank You,

GM of <Dishonor Elite>
Hurray for more GDKP's!!

Indeed good man indeed!
This will be beneficial for those who cannot meet the early hours of Max's GDKP run! Looking for more buyers! Thanks for the love, Max! :)

/gives cake and rum
I'm planning to transfer so I'm interested in this for sure my stats are off atm because I reforged for pvp.
to the top!
ill come on me mage!
back up
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Good raid this Tues, 8/8H and 400k gold and someone walked away with the rare mount off of Madness.
Bump for 8/8 heroic gdkp!
GDKP actually went 8/8H on 25


I'll be honest i saw the 8/8H GDKP in the topic and just lol'd and moved on.

Color me impressed, good job
GDKP actually went 8/8H on 25


I'll be honest i saw the 8/8H GDKP in the topic and just lol'd and moved on.

Color me impressed, good job

why thanks for the love :) wasn't too bad 17 k roughly per person.
Successful run on Tuesday! Come be a part of it by signing up on our guild's website. Thanks!
lets kick this back up to the top :)
Falcon KICK right up to the top again!

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