Obsidian Nightwing (RAF) and mount totals.

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Ok, I don't know anything about the API, but I am a self-identified mount who ...err collector, and I've noticed that the addition of the new recruit-a-friend mount (Obsidian Nightwing) seems to have introduced a bug to the mount totals in the API.

GuildOx pulls the mount totals from the API, and players with the new mount are showing up on Guildox with one less mount than is showing on their player profiles. Players who don't have the new RAF mount do not have such a discrepancy. I would have complained to GuildOx, but I'm pretty sure they'll just tell me it's a bug in the API, so I thought i better just post here instead.

On a side note, the total for mounts shown in-game (statistics > character > gear) has also been bugged for a very long time now, at least for warlocks. I think it is one of the class mounts (dreadsteed or felsteed) which is not being counted. I know it's not an API issue but maybe someone can forward that along? :)


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