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Maybe a council of all the race leaders shoud lead the horde. I think it would be best. All races get a say this way.
Baine for Warchief!
It probably will be just some new, random orc that's helping throughout the story of Mists.
shut up jack !@#
Baine, under the tutelage of High Shaman Thrall. Go.
Honestly, after Blizz said the new Warchief was going to be someone we wouldn't expect, some part of me is very afraid it's going to be Anduin or some Alliance-puppet or Alliance and Horde co-lead council.

In actuality it won't make very much sense if the Horde and Alliance co-lead an attack to destroy Garrosh, only for the Rebel Horde (weaker then the current one) to kick out the Alliance from Orgrimmar right after its reclamation, and the Alliance just going, "Wellp Okay, We're just gonna go back home." The Horde at that point should be too weak to do that.

What would make sense is that the Alliance and Horde would make some sort of treaty to avoid the two factions duking it out right after dethroning Garrosh. Potentially the Horde would remain a separate entity but pay tribute or relinquish territory/draw boundaries, etc. Maybe the two factions would have representatives to co-lead the New New Horde.

It just doesn't make any sense how they could reclaim Org together, only to go right back to waging war, with the same territories, unless the Horde has the ability to kick the Alliance out of Org right after co-reclaiming it. And they shouldn't have that power.

But I want them to :'(

Also, Blizz said it was going to be Thrall, then they said it might not be, now they're hinting that it isn't. And nope, I'm not looking for sources.
I can envision Sylvanas making a power grab to seize control of the Horde, and throw in a puppet warchief who's on the same pointlessness tier as Lor'themar is as a faction leader.

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