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Hello, I am the developer of WoW Talents (Volatile Labs), an app that was very popular up until March of 2011. At that point, I received a DMCA notice (along with several hundred other apps related to Blizzard’s games), and my app was removed. I did not contest, and the app has remained unavailable since then. However, I have recently noticed that the Blizzard Web API has been released, along with the Third-Party API Usage Policy.

WoW Talents was simply a talent calculator. It could import and export specs from the Armory, and save/load specs. This functionality appears to now be allowed and supported by the Blizzard Web API. Can I have my app reinstated? I will of course include disclaimers stating that I have no affiliation with Blizzard. Is there anything else I must do to ensure that my app does not conflict with Blizzard’s usage policies?

WoW Talents had a paid and free version. They were identical except the free version had ads. I understand the new policy does not allow paid apps, so a re-release would only be for a free version.

I have sent an email with these questions several times over the last few months without a response to I'm posting here in hope of some official confirmation that I won't have legal issues if I re-release the app.

Thanks for you time.

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