Mankrik and the alliance

Is there anyway to alter the spawning of Mankrik to spawn for the alliance. Being on a very low pop horde server has made it almost impossible to complete this achievement. 4 Months and counting of sitting at the roost and have only seen a couple of horde.
there's 8 alliance camping the spot right now hoping to see him, horrible achievement.
DS content release killed any chance of getting this achievement for me as well, Blizz needs to up Mankrik's spawn rate. This time its not his wife.

Cross-realm zones in MoP should make this a lot easier. Right now your best bet is buying it from someone on your realm forum.
Boy am I glad I left Sargeras... I just recently got my Manrkik /wave over here on Uldaman. Was super psyched. Good luck to those who haven't yet got him though. Major pain.
Please, Blizzard. Please! Change this one achievment for the patch, to not require the other faction doing dailies.

Especially since the daily will almost never be done post MoP launch!

I've spent 40+ hours camped at the roost without any luck :(

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