[H] Bloodlust - Recruiting

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<Bloodlust> Is recruiting for its Core 1.
Currently 8/8 DS 6/8hm we are currently on the last plate on spine.

We are Currently Recruiting a Tank:
1x Prot Warrior or Feral Druid

and Healer:
1x Resto Sham or Resto Druid

all other classes will be considered.
PST me or some of the other officers
Tikx, Anindel or Deadset.
What day do you lads raid. my druid would be keen to smash out some late xpac progression.
Hey Darlak.

our raid times are currently 8-11pm AEST, Wednesday and thursday. we may be adding another raid night when MoP comes out but nothing has been confirmed yet.


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