Why are YOU rolling with your Rogue for MoP?

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I honestly really love making people in this game angry. My role is to piss people off, to lock them down, to frustrate three demolishers with one fan of kinves...man, that's just beautiful to me.

I love this lore and this game and its history, but especially within that context I've found my calling: to make people hate me by being OP, controlly, CC-mongering, cowardly, a vanish-!@#$%, etc etc etc.

I like to make nerds mad. I play a rogue.

EDIT - Also guys, you realize we're the MOST hated class in this whole MMO? Like, people can whine about frost mages all they want - lord knows I have - but our entire existence is despised by the rest of the player base. Own that.
I love being sneaky.

Stealth Stealth and Stealth, did I mention Stealth? More than anything the ability to hide is invaluable and I miss it terribly when playing alts, to the point where I can't play them anymore. I felt like I might as well have been wearing a flashing neon sign stating "here I am, come and attack me". Whether it's world pvp, mining/herbing, or being able to farm old content quickly, I could not do it without this basic core ability.

Will be taking prep for sure. Another thing I'm dependent on.

Poisons: I can't wait for the drop down selector on my interface like mages have with portals.

On the hated class issue: I have had enemy players /spit at me from afar when all I'm doing is reading my mail, so yeah, knew this for awhile and it doesn't bother me a bit. It bothers me more when my own faction gets a little nasty, but that's part of the appeal too, I love the lore behind the rogue, I love it that I'm a lone wolf, dependent on no one, loyal to no one, it's part of the reason I stay unguilded.

On the rogues being "dry" threads from the Beta forum, I don't feel that way at all. I think Blizzard made us more rogue-ish, frankly I don't want gimmicks for our class and if we're underpowered in the beginning, then I appreciate the challenge, bring it on.

Least played class: I really don't want our rogue community to turn into FOTM, I consider it a badge of honor playing a class that doesn't get a lot of love. In order for it to stay that way, Blizzard has to neglect us a bit.
I love being sneaky.

Stealth Stealth and Stealth, did I mention Stealth?

Me, too.

I tried feral stealth...hated their stealth toolkit. Love the rogue's. My brain just wraps around it, somehow. Sap, Vanish, openers, finishers.

So, rogue for me.

I only wish stealth had a bigger role in PvE at level cap. The best mechanic in the game, and it becomes irrelevant for big chunks of it.
Been A Rogue since Vanilla and will always be one.
Because stealth is fun :D
Today I killed the same Druid and Mage trying to make their way into Sethekk Halls six times each. As I sat there watching them continue to rezz I couldn't help but smile. Mist is going to force everyone to level in close proximity and I am hoping to have many more moments like one I just mentioned.

That is what I am looking forward to most in Mist as my rogue.
This was my first toon and I love him
Been a rogue since maces used to stun people. This will always be my main.
This rogue was an old main that i shelved a long time ago, ive recently picked it back up and am gonna retire all of my other toons in favor of this rogue until the servers are brought down.

PS: My f'n legs still hurt from the walk to TAUREN MILL from UC for the poison quest!!!!!! Before Blizz gifted us with mounts before level 40 pffftttt
Been playing rogues since vanilla, I have played other classes, but I keep coming back to rogues. I enjoy playing them.
Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on people; I've got bills to pay!

I'm considering leaving WoW too. I just don't play often anymore.

A lot of things attracted me to Rogues in the first place, and I think I can sum them up by saying that Rogues were/are dynamic. When I played the game, I felt like I was playing the game. Rogues still hold that for me than any other class, mostly due to the healthy mix of speed, stealth, and utility. Despite many improvements though, MoP feels much less dynamic than Cata.

So I'm not sure I'll stick around. If I do, it'll be on my Rogues, hands down.

08/13/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Tantojutsu
because gnome rogue is best rogue.

08/12/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Blacksad
A real Rogue doesn't jump ship when there's bumps along the way. You weather the storm. You keep moving forward, never ceasing, and keep dropping people. You overcome.

It's a game bro. Why am I gonna play a class that no longer holds enjoyment for me?

A true rogue, to me, is someone who raises hell when their class gets nerfed.

Like me for example! :D

Before 5.0- 0 Derpenstein posts

AFTER 5.0 - 392928482834947928494 posts by me.
08/12/2012 02:32 PMPosted by Tdiggity
Rogues will always be the king at doing hood rat s***, looking forward to continue my rogue career in MoP.

Exactly my thoughts I love doing hood rat !@#$!
Been a rogue since day one a couple weeks before BC. Every time i play any other class and i get new loots im never as excited as when i get upgrades for my rogue. I even get so angry when i see something drop for a rogue cuz im not on it :P

But as a guildy of mine put it in regards to how bad our dps is compared to at the least tanks and other 'hybrid' classes.... "its like your GF makes more money then you do and you don't mind" lol, ya right.
Why am I rolling my rogue for MoP?

Simple. I've had my rogue since vanilla. It was pretty much the first class I started playing when I started the game, and I have always kept the name "Sllade" since I started. I love my rogue, I love everything about the way the class is designed to be, and if you ask me, this recent "gutting" of rogues is just a challenge for me to better myself. There's lots of other rogues that are doing decent out there, but the skill cap IS higher compared to other classes, yes.

tl;dr rogues are fun, and I don't feel they're really "gutted" as a class.
08/12/2012 12:00 PMPosted by Callmemaybe
Why are you rolling with your Rogue for Mists of Pandaria? Or if you do not have a Rogue, what is making you want to alt/level one?

Rogues aren't broken, just a bit tattered at the moment. The class doesn't need an a complete overhaul, just some after-market parts, a little lube, and maybe a good paint job. The class may be running on low at the moment, but it's still got a lot of potential if Blizzard chooses to tap it.

I'm not considering another class. I'm considering leaving WoW, but not for another game and not strictly because the competitiveness of Rogues (hard to balance work and family, more-so if you're bored with the game). Quite frankly, I'm a casual and don't seriously compete in either PvP or PvE, it's the how of Rogue gameplay that bothers me, though I often express it in other terms.

If I do stick around, it'll certainly be with Rogues. It's not by chance I have 4 Rogues and of all other classes only Druids more than 1. Druids offer me something Rogues have, stealth (along with speed), but they don't offer the same toolbox as Rogues do. I like my instants, stuns, and DoTs separate. I like having things to do in stealth and a way to get back in (even though it's been severely nerfed). I like Gouge and Shiv and Blind and Dismantle. It just works right, it feels good.

Unfortunately, it just doesn't feel as good as it could. Blizzard cooked in some great potential. If they get their backsides in gear and realize it, the class could be great ... great enough to balance with the rest of life.
I'm rockin the Rogue due to the fact its fun as hell to play. I just recently did a sor on my account that I first quit in 2008 after doin a few classes nothing more than lvl 30. Watched my brother play his rogue and bought Cata 3 months ago n have been hooked! Although I just started playing I will say I feel crippled after MOP but thehe gameplay of sub has me hangin in. Hopefully we will see some good changes coming. Hell we got blind back to not missing lol

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