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Now that achievements are account-wide and people have multiple characters with the same points, there's no way to make a leaderboard because there's no way to tell which characters are the same person. I understand the desire to keep account info hidden, but without it there is no way to know where a character truly stands in terms of achievement points. I would say the biggest motivator for me when playing this game has been striving to be above others, which is why I made my own personal leaderboard for my server.

I hope that some compromise can be made to make leaderboards possible again. The best solution that comes to might right now would be if the API/website listed a character's achievement point server rank, which would need to not take into account higher ranked 'linked' characters. If anyone has any ideas on how to implement a leaderboard in this new achievement system, please let me know.
there is a way to fix it ingame.

options/interface/display/ "display only Character acheivements to others"

what this option does is BLOCK the display of "SHARED" achievements to other NOT JUST INGAME but on api and armory unless that charactor earned that achievement.

its a real shame that the option to disable the "shared" display of account achievements is OFF by default or even the fact that its on a PER CHAR basis. i know it seems the easier way ingame BUT why outside of the game. i think myself that the achievements listed outside of the game shouldn't reflect the same as ingame unless specified by the player in the account section of the website like the realid options are. thats where the whole issue is comming from. one little tickbox in the account management pages would be truly powerful and is a lot less of a risk to peoples privacy ingame "point counting to trace people and such"

i'll link some examples.

My main.

An alt

they are both on the same account but as you can see they have totally different achievement points. and thats ticking a box INGAME on all of my charactors too.

if i look at them charactors ingame it actually displays my TRUE value of points from all of my charactors.
Interesting, I didn't know about that. If there were an option in the API to only return character-specific points (without needing the person to change a setting themselves) I suppose that might solve the problem. It would only work if achievements with shared progress still showed up. E.G. if I have 100k total honorable kills across all characters (but not on a single character), that achievement would need to be included in my character-specific points.
or - the points of shared achievements from all characters.. since there the same on all toons
a simple thing would be for blizzard to actually have that option i displays above set ON as default (opt-out) and inform people of the privacy risk that could be involved if they set it to OFF (opt-in). it would minimise quite abit of hassle for us app developers and increase privacy for those that want to keep it within the game. if that wasn't possible the only other option would be for the api not to use "account-wide" info at all.

haha. just checked out my guild roster page and it seems i'm the only one in my guild with the open ON (opt-out)
I would like a flag that tells me if they have them hidden or not at the very least. As it stands now I just have to make a poor guess.

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