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Hurry though Sam, the IC thread could be up as soon as this evening! Just finished up bbqing and think about draftin it up
well if it is oh well I will follow it though if I don't sign-up, just seems like this is going to be a mystery kinda RP, not sure if Sam would be suited for it:/
There will be some mystery unraveling but there will be much more fighting then unraveling!
Ok I guess I will toss my paw into this one:3

Name:Sammuroth Stormfury

Race:Kal'dorei (Night Elf)

Age:10,100 (give or take a few years:P)


Description (No armor or weapons):Stuck in his cat form Sammuroth stand 3'6" on all fours, he has white fur and amber eyes.

Equipment (Weapons, Armor and everything else your character has): He wears four magical anklets that increase the power and duration of his Barkskin spell.

Brief History:Born 100 years before the War of the Ancients, into a Highborne family of mages. Disliking the arcane he took up the sword, when Azshara unleashed the Burning Legion onto Azeroth, his family was ordered to help keep the portal stable. Not wanting his family to fall deeper into corruption than they already had, he killed them before fleeing Zin'Azshari. He did however try and save his older sister Moriana, but she did what he couldn't and took her own life. During the war he fought against a demon called Uk'thok, seeing the same anger and hatred in the young warrior that gave him his power, the demon placed a curse on Sammuroth, depositing his soul along with the curse.

After the war and the exile of the Highborne Sam took up the druidic arts, which was where his curse made itself apparent. When he finally accomplished the feline animal transformation, the curse caused him to remain in that form, being activated by the natural feral rage, that came with the transformation. After the Third War and the fall of the World Tree, Sammuroth has spent his time helping those in need of both factions, being a member of the Cenarion Circle, he is tolerated in most Horde settlements. He has also been searchiing for a way to remove his curse.

Why are you here? Hearing about the mysterious disappearances, he has come out of his desire to help those in need, and to find the missing people and stop the perpetrators.
Name:Coris Amberflame

Nickname:Ihealedyou (favorite phrase now his nickname)

Age:35 (5 in dog years :D)



Description: Stands at '5''11'' with black fur and a small hunch (his human form is weak and lean and stays as a worgen for self-pride). He is in his cursed form most of the time adn looks more manlier then his puny self (as he declares so)

Equipment:(Armor: Standard Priest robes (first set of honor armor at level 60 sorry cant find items). (weapons) A small even wandish type staff that is used primarily for the benifits of helping others.

Brief history: After setteling down in Duskwood for a few years and even helping in raids with the Night Watch, he has been accepted into the city as its official healer and carries around the burden. After being their for a few years the people of Duskwood have grown fond of his form and even had a girlfriend here and there.

Coris keeps to himself sometimes usually when he is in deep thought or he just does not like your tone, but when the time is needed he provides good wisdom for his age and even takes a few apprentices under his wings.

After Coris's apprentice dissapeared out of nowhere when he was sent to go gather spider silk Corris has been searching aimlessly to find him.

Why I am here: To find my long lost apprentice and to unravel the mysterys of my fellow race going feral all of a sudden.

Hope that was good for a breif bio. If you need more info just tell me :)
Forgive the crude attempt at humour, but it seems you should have an easy time 'sniffing' out clues.
lol i see what you did there
Hmm wish we had a character that represented the light in this thread... Oh well... I have the IC post drafted, all I need to do is check it one more time before I throw it up. It should be up by 3ish west coast time.
*runs around excitedly* yaaaay!!!
Both accepted
Yay :D!
09/04/2012 05:05 PMPosted by Sammuroth

Ooh. I have a good idea sammuroth. Maybe since your character is here to help with the people dissapearing you could bump into me one day and help me find my apprentice. Just an idea you don't have to do it but it would be cool :)
well I am assuming everyone in the thread is going to be working together anyway, I could be wrong though:P
haha. Now where did I put my wand. Oh there it is I must have dropped it silly me XD
Don't drop the wand *wink face* ;)

*inconspicuously moves behind Ihealedyou*
:O Laviette naughty naughty. Lol hopin to make rp friends here so my rp character isnt a loner XD nice to meet you all read all of the submissions and i love the descriptions even though mine sucks O.o. I am a fairly new rp'r and i currentley have a thread called Character Background and I hope soon to find a description that fully draws in my inner character so I can post it on my thread and finally get in-depth with my char. It was nice meeting you all and im excited for this rp.

PS: Laviette you got a dirty mind ;)
Whatever are you talking about? I was just reaching for a jar of peanut butter...
*pulls the peanut butter down from a shelf to make peanut butter chocolate chips* xD

*angelic face*

As for being a new roleplayer, it's kewl xD. We all started out somewheres ^.^ And you're doing waaay better than I did when I started.
Awww thank you Laviette I honestly thought I did pretty bad. and on that note could I get some of those Peanut butter chocolate chips *puppy eyes*
Just waiting for the IC now.
Also, nice to see someone new interested in Forum RP. Hello Healed!

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