Frozen power or Windwalk totem for Pvp

Which one do you use? I am having a hard time deciding which one to get.
As resto, I am inclined to use Windwalk, but I am not sure if it removes the movement-impairing effects or just grant immunity for the next ones. If the former, it is worth as it would basically work as a mass dispell for roots and novas, 40 yards away. If the latter, might as well be useful if you have melees in your team and are going against wizard teams, but requires premeditation and is not as useful for yourself.

I'm interested in hearing other people's opinions/experiments too.
It depends on your group set up and who you're fighting against. As enhancement I prefer Frozen Power usually especially against hunters and paladins after they stun me, become immune to everything for what seems like forever and full heal and are back at full MP and running away, possibly on a mount. Cowards they are!

Just play around with your different options and see what suits you, your group and situation the best and go from there. It's very inexpensive to change glyphs now. :)
Enhance Frozen power hands down. Resto wind walker hands down. Your a healer, frozen power does nothing for resto. Also Windwalker clears movement impairing effects already on you so its def worth it.
I almost feel forced to take Windwalker as Enhance cause our mobility is so bad atm compared to any other melee.
10/05/2012 08:16 AMPosted by Stagnate
. Resto wind walker hands down. Your a healer, frozen power does nothing for resto. Also Windwalker clears movement impairing effects already on you so its def worth it.

plenty of high rated resto shamans take frozen power because the root is very nice to get capacitor stun totem working.

Windwalker... i wish the cd was 45seconds... 1 minute is too long. i tried it for a while with a kill macro so i would/could break roots, kill the totem and get it back so much sooner (with totemic restoration) but its just.... idk. dont like it.
Frozen power is great because you can stop an aggressor in its tracks. Windwalk allows them to chase you down. Add in an earthbind totem or a totem projection/capacitor totem - you're golden.
I am inclined to say Windwalk is more suitable for melee cleaves. Frozen Power is good if you need to keep a tgt in the open for ranged.

Earth Grab is good in conjunction with projection. It resets the intial pulse on grab for oppenents that havent been hit by it yet. You can get pretty wicked aoe stuns off of that as well with capacitor.
Mists is a brave new world.

I don't think people have fully realized the power of seeing who your opponent is and because able to switch talents and glyphs for free before a match starts.

I use Frozen power for most things except mages...where I use windwalk. Against druids I use earthgrab.
I've found Frozen Power to be incredibly useful for escaping melee, AND for trapping people in Capacitator Totem's radius.
I use Frozen Power as resto all the time. Set your camera sensitivity to very high so you can run away from a melee cleave, jump, camera turn, frost shock root, camera turn back the way you are running before you hit the ground then drop a Cap totem and project it next to them using left mouse button like a rear view mirror.

Damn near 12 second head start.
After practicing some more in arena this season, I got to this:

- Windwalk to have one extra mobility perk, for when you have a strong melee partner and you are going against strong movement cc'ers.
- Frozen power for when you are going against strong healers and you need to be offensive past Windshear and Hex, making it easier for Capacitor to hit.

I am still sticking to Windwalk mostly because I've teamed up with either a DK or Warrior (I'm resto), but have had annoying moments against a rshaman who had frozen power, or even Earthgrab, paired with Capacitor. Of notice though, both Frozen Power and Earthgrab are dispelable. You do spend a global, but it saves yourself 5 secs stun on a capacitor, if it matters that moment. So one more reason for me to stay with Windwalk and rely on Capacitor for when under pressure from a melee, or when a pally comes to blind me (or druid to bash me, monk to sleep me, etc.)

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