Looking for PvPers for Top RBG's!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey guys, Lotion who is striving for realm firsts in MoP for PvE is recruiting Pvpers for Guild RBGS. From about two months ago when the guild was initially created we have done weekly RBG's with expertise of some members ranging up to 2600 Current RBG Rating in Season 9 and 10. We have all pvpers above 2200 on this realm currently in Guild bar a couple due to commitments to other guilds. We are just keen on recruiting up to 5 more individuals of high pvp skill to join the ranks of Lotion and hit Hero in MoP. Currently have around 20 members who have played above 2200 Rating.

We also do alt runs for PvPers even getting to the point towards the end of tiers getting PvPers in for High End PvE for specified gear if needed.

add jimmy_timy@hotmail.com on real ID if keen.

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