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Sounds like a disaster. I've been playing GW2 but after reading the first post I'm gonna spend a little more time in this game checking it out.
09/07/2012 03:32 PMPosted by Pantyraider
I know for a fact that players on low pop servers like that it is low pop and some, including myself, have paid $25 to specifically trasfer to a low pop server because it suited my play style at the time. No matter how you look at it, not everybody will be happy...what sucks is just being forced to change your play style, when MoP was supposed to be all about accommodating to different play styles. There are far bigger problems here, best to go back to how it was and start over.

I'm not quite understanding your point of view.

I understand you wanted to transfer to low-pop realms intentionally, but how do you feel about the various "draw-backs" of it? What about transfers as opposed to CRZ, or are you for CRZ for that reason?

You might have already answered this elsewhere, but I might have missed it.
09/07/2012 03:32 PMPosted by Gurlnextdoor
I hope you become an MVP by the way David ! You're seriously awesome=)

Thank you but that sounds like a lot of headache :X

Please try and stay constructive. Irritating Devs is never a good idea.
Hey David, thought of a suggestion to add. Tell me what server you're on. Was thinking about spawn timers, I would better know if my current timer is good or not if I can be told what server I'm on when I cross zones.

09/07/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Pantyraider
I can hunt/tame/kill rares easier and faster and i can do achieveemnts like "Salty" that are much much MUCH harder to do on a full-pop server. Its my opinion, that low pop servers have quite a bit of flexibility to a player that they would never get on a full-pop server.

*coughs and hides his three fishing durby rewards* Totally has nothing to do with being on a small server >_> <_< >_>

09/07/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Pantyraider
Now on the other side, i know there are many players on low-pop that have no choice but to be there (poor pve progression, friends, no money for transfer ect...) and they may indeed not like the current state of game play...there will never be just one side to this debate no matter how you cut it but from all the post ive read this week, its very clear the negatives of its current state of functionlaity far outweight the positives.

Even if bugs are fixed and we take the people who only mention bugs out of it, the majority wants this taken out.
You can't monopolize a market where you can't control the supply. It is very much easier to do on smaller servers. If that's your concern, then consider that they are only making it even easier to do on those servers as things stand right now. So somewhere between devaluing truly rare and valuable items and charging people 5k for a stack of ore should be the goal.

Also, from my perspective, if they aren't planning a huge ban-wave in conjunction with this they are just rolling out the red carpet for existing botters and gold sellers. They will be the only practical solution to the problem.

It depends on how many servers they include per Auction House merge. If they merged an entire region, no, it would be borderline impossible to even begin to try to monopolize anything. If they threw a couple servers together, one person would have a lot of work, but if they got together a few buddies, it would still be quite a task, but doable.

If you have the money and you always have a set of eyes on the auctions, you can monopolize anything in this game. Get a group of rich friends together with differing play schedules, a few Auction mods for quality of life changes, and things get pretty crazy.

I'm perfectly aware that it's far easier to control an economy of an individual server than it would be for multiple, but there are other ramifications that we would see if they started merging AHs.

I really can't go into much detail beyond that. I didn't take Economics (and if I did, I forgot everything I learned and even that I took the course), I just know from what I see from watching the Auction Houses of a few servers some of the trends. When you have people with hundreds of thousands of gold and all they do is buy out, say, Classic ores to resell, it's not that hard to watch the supply like a hawk. I do most of my auctioning when I'm watching TV (point being, the AH does not require every waking moment refreshing the page), and I've flipped a few items in my day. Hell, I used to dominate the market for Love is in the Air items back in Vanilla (or was it BC? I forget.) before they revamped the holdiay. I'd make an entire year's worth of gold (for my expenses, anyway) off that one holiday.


As far as I'm aware, WoW is a completely free market. Unless exploitation was used, they don't ban for playing the Auction House, no matter how much gold you steal from people's pockets. They used to take a look into specific cases where an individual's control was absolutely outrageous, but I don't even think they do that anymore.
09/07/2012 01:13 PMPosted by Yaegar
The "Click to Report" and "Ignore" fuctions do not work on players not from your server. You get a message saying "Player does not exist"

Sounds like something to add to the bug list, then. Wouldn't you agree?

Also, manually ignoring by typing out the name does in-fact work.

Example: /ignore Yaegar-Moon Guard

And the addon called Ignoremore from does work with players from other realms I use it in BG's all the time....
I always thought that Cross Realm Zones was a stupid idea.

My problem is this:

I was originally an alliance player on my realm for nearly 3 years, and I transferred over to horde. I actually enjoy seeing the alliance players I used to play with out in the world. I actually interact with them even though I am horde and they are alliance. But now its going to be harder and harder to do that.

When MoP comes around in a few weeks I won't be seeing any of my alliance friends at all in the new zones because Blizzard is making copies of each zone to accommodate all the players questing through the new zone at the same time. For the same reason, it will be harder for me to group with people and travel through zones as a group. I actually enjoy flying as a raid group through the worlds zones.

This Patch has eliminated server community, and because of that, community in the game.

Here is an example of something that has already happened to myself and friends of mine:

-"Why is there 100s of piles of bones in front of org?"
"Because its not Vek'nilash outside org, its Suramar."
Do we really have to be subjected to other realms behaviour, i.e. dirty emotes and unintelligible /say chat every time we leave the front gates of our realms city?

-"Why is there no mats on our ah all of a sudden?"
"Because I'm not going out to farm with the rest of the world following me around and mining my nodes and herbing my herbs and fishing my fishing holes."

Here are a few examples I can already foresee:

-"Hey guys, that large alliance guild is ganking people in the jade forest! Lets go fight em!" Everyone flies to the jade forest only to find out that they are in a different copy of the zone.

-"Naked Gnome race from IF to SW tonight!"
Everyone that attends finds out that they are pushed into a different zone, and the level 90 friends can't fly by their level 1 gnome competitors to cheer them on.

-If you rolled on a low population or medium population server for the sole purpose of not having to see 100s of players everywhere you go, and instead have a small town atmosphere ... you are now out of luck.

"What city are the alliance headed to next so I can kill a few of them off and cause them to fail before they get to our city?"
"I have no idea because I can't see where they went, to many players from other realms are in this zone"

-"Lets quest together!"
"Okay time to move to the next zone"
"Why can't I see you?"
I always thought that Cross Realm Zones was a stupid idea.


Cross-realm zones and Zone-Splitting are two different features, most of your issues are with Zone-Splitting which, currently, does not seem to be active.
Vek and Suramar are bestest buddies now ><

Ya I felt invaded for a little bit. There was 5 or 6 Suramarians in Dal and I was the only Vek'nilashian :( Most of the servers I listed I spotted /afk in Sholazar Basin.
I didn't make any comment about you at all o.0 I was saying that I've won the derby three different times, once for pole, one for ring, once for boots. And I know damn well I won so many times cause I'm on a low pop server. It feels damn good to be so close to MoP and have a full set of the best fishing gear in game plus the BoA ring to level a Pandarian and/or Monk with.

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