LF 1 or 2 day a week raiding/pvp guild

A couple buddies and I transfered here to tich a couple months ago looking to pvp more and casually raid for MOP. I have hardcore raiding experience including top 50 US kills on my druid as boomkin. My buddy who plays a shadow priest also has 5-6 years raiding experience. Then we also have a warlock buddy that also has been playing for quite sometime with raiding experience as well.

We are not focused entirely on raiding. We love to pvp the most which is why we are looking for a guild with casual raiding and decent pvp. If this interests any guilds out there that we could maybe fit into then great hit me up in game.

Ill be on toons Bigsmurph- Druid main
Mugged- Alt Hunter
Moduzzle- Alt Warlock
stilll looking
mop almost here and still looking
10 man casual pve with decent pvp gogo
Villians is recruiting on the Horde side of Tich if you are interested. We will be meeting your interests for raiding. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to let me know.
lookin for an alli guild ty tho

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