Wargames s. Skirmishes

Shattered Hand
Unless you play on KT or Illidan finding a Wargame match can take an extremely long period of time to set up. Even with cross-realm zones its challenging to find opponents.

Scirmishes were fast, random, and a great starter training zone for the less serious PvPers. There is virtually no arena training area anymore. If 2850 rated veterans with years of experience have a hard time putting together a Wargame with their extensive collection of teammates, how can you expect the Challangers to set up a Wargame and start to learn the basics of organized arena PvP?

A great system would be if you could some how que up into a battlegroup-wide pool of players looking to setup a team of a certain composition in a non-rated setting. That way starter players would have some kind of idea of what they need to be looking for to create a solid foundation to learn the ins and outs of the ladder. Also this would help to generate more opportunities for PvPers to build teams for the rated ladder, rather then looking to outside sources to find teammates.

Or simply re-introduce skirmishes, bc Wargames are only hindering the growth of the arena community. The numbers of active teams have continuously been diminishing over the seasons. Sure the veterans continue to return but that only over saturates the ladder with talent. Some might think this is a good thing for the PvP community, but sadly its extremely unhealthy for the ladder. Without new players having avenues to hone their abilities in a non-rated setting, being thrown into a gauntlet of a concentrated pool of experienced arenajunkies is a huge turn off. Fighting gladiators in the 1700's crushes all hope of them being able to learn how to become better PvPers.

Hopefully they will come up with something in Mist of Pandarea to deal with this issue, bc the way I see it: Wargames are strangling the PvP community on the only MMORPG that has decent arena.
Wargames are stupid at the moment... healing doesn't scale like it will at 90. You could practice 24/7 until MoP releases but it won't be anywhere near the same at 90 anyways.

It's like arena at 70, 1.8k players get 2.6k arena achievements because it's unbalanced.

As is 85 right now. No sense in practicing arena vs 3x hpally shock teams because in 15 days it won't matter.
Vlad how dare you imply Prep + Adrenaline Rush was not the height of skill!!
To an arenajunkie it's more about playing the games right now, against different comps.

I'd rather play wargames all day then troll SH trade about who is a better pve'r

Hopefully one day everyone can put their elitist thinking behind them, and finally have SH represented with some of the top players in PvP and PvE.

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