Muting imp summon sound (wild imps)

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So, on my demo lock, it seems that whenever the wild imps change target, they all make that hyena-cackling summoning sound in unison, and considering there's a whole herd of them out at a time, it gets pretty loud and annoying. Turning off pet sounds in the game options doesn't shut it off.

I know how to get rid of certain sounds by blanking the file, but I can't seem to find the right sound in the list ( Most of the imp sounds are under ImpVO but they're not the ones I want, those are just the ones where the imp actually speaks. Where's the sound the imp makes when first summoned? Help?
Try Sound\Creature\Grell\GrellAggroA.ogg
That was it. Thank you very much, I doubt I'd have ever thought to search under Grell.
09/07/2012 09:18 AMPosted by Choonster
Try Sound\Creature\Grell\GrellAggroA.ogg

OMG, you're a freakin' hero!

Thank you so much, I'd been digging and digging trying to locate this sound. One imp is fine, but when there are 5 of them running about constantly making this sound every time each of them aggro something, ugh. It's the reason I stopped progressing my demo lock (My favorite spec) through Mists, I just couldn't take it, lol.

Now, I don't have to. As Koica said, I'd of never thought to look under Grell.

I, and my no longer shelved Warlock, thank you!

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