Possible exploit?

From talking to a GM about how account wide achievements work. Apparently they are linked to the BNet account and you could delete every toon on that account and any new ones made would still have the achievements associated with that BNet account. Therefore couldnt a couple of friends or whatever "loan" a character to each other to combine their missing achievements? Then just transfer the character back. As I understand it once the achievements brought by that toon are linked to the BNet account they dont go away even when the character is transfered back to the original account. Therefore people could inflate their achievements and HKs quite high under the current system for a few dollars.

Correct me if im wrong but if I am right Blizz may want to look into it just in case that becomes a problem.
Not possible. You can't transfer a character to someone elses battle.net account unless their account is in your name as well. People were exploiting a few days ago with a way to do it so that they could sell mounts to people by xfering a character to the person's account, but that's long since been fixed.

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