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Look, I love you guys, but this is the second expansion in a row that you're flipping off the east coast. I can stay up until midnight to play the game for an hour, I can't stay up until three-bloody-AM to play. Plus, most of us have work the next day. I know I'm not alone here.

I mean its not the end of the world, but its fantastically annoying. You might as well just announce that the release date is the 26th for anyone in the east.
lol 3 am for est its gonna be tuesday the 25th idiot
I'm glad it's 4am my time on release. I'd rather go to bed at ~8pm and wake up 4am, play until I'm 90 than a 12am release with no sleep.
What if your quest log is full of dailies to turn in? Would we still get the quest?

Will the xp gaining turn on immediately when this quest is supposed to pop up?


When they usually start back up the XP for turning in quests, any quest actually completed before that start time on a maxxed lvl charactor will just get gold for the quest...I know guildies tried that with WotLK launch. So if you want to do dailies and turn them in for XP you need to either pick them up and not do them before launch or not pick them up before Launch. Just a heads up.

Plus they removed the limit on Dailies Quests you can do.
I can make 3 am work! Going to bed early and getting up early for pre-crack of dawn panda goodness. Well-rested and ready to play some marathon WoW. :D
I find this all amusing and wanted to offer my opinion (not that it matters opinons are like rear ends everyone has one). I remember the BC and the LK launch and I remember being jealous at 9pm in So Cal wanting to play seeing people in my guild in Hellfire and then seeing the first DKs in Wrath. I still had to wait 3 more hours til I could even buy a copy. I agree with a set start time period. (Honestly I don't care wait time zone they choose, heck lets do midnight on the 25th Aussie time and we can play on the 24th!)

I have to work the 25th, I like many others ordered the CE from Amazon and will miss getting my box delivered since I will be working. Since I live in an apartment where they don't leave packages I will have to wait till the 26th to pick up my box (Unless UPS brings it then I can pick it up at 8:30pm on the 25th).

Also for everyone living in the EST (currently EDT) you get all the new TV premieres first, sporting events, and award shows are timed so that that the Eastern side of the United States gets to see it when they are awake or is in Prime Time. Often the West Coast gets a Time Delay and never sees anything truly live. Let the West Coast have their midnight release and enjoy sleeping, then playing while most of us are at work.
All the grons and mones about the 3AM time from the east coast are just what I would be doing if I lived over there still, but since I am in Washington, (state that is), now.
I can't complain. ;)

And since the HQ is on the west coast I guess there is not much we can do about it but wait for it to be released and then ENJOY! no matter what time it is . . . . . . . . :)
Well this has become a moot point for me. I stoped in at the Gamestop today and asked, because I suspected, if they we're going to be having a midnight release. Guy behind the counter said no. I assume this is because there weren't enough pre-orders to warrent opening the store up at midnight for the new expac of the largest(as far as I know) MMO on the planet. I will blame the Digital DLs for killing store orders.
So is there going to be maintenance on the 25? or are we going to be able to play all day Tuesday????????
I love it! Playing in Ireland on the US servers. 8 am!
I seem to be getting the Flu! Thank you sick days!!!!!
i live on east coast and even though it sucks that we have to wait, this just makes it fair for everyone going for server firsts. They are just keeping it fair.

Ya all 5 of them. But all the MILLIONS of us who just want play the game at all at a reasonable time get !@#$ed for the sake of a few pathetic neckbeard losers who just want to think they're better than everyone else. Ya that's totally fair.

Also the best argument here is about the fact that they did state in writing after people had payed the money for it that they would get it at 12 EDT, and now that's a lie. This is false advertising and it's not just wrong it is ILLEGAL. They could potentially get fined a bunch of money by the FCC for this.
So if it is midnight release PDT that the servers will be live, would I be correct in thinking that makes it 5pm AEST (Australia) because of the 17hr difference.
I'm on central time, and I booked time off with my job, and paid for digital. Why the hell would I waste time and gas driving, waiting with a bunch of idiotic teenagers, then have to install and download when I can just have it instantly. Your lack of planning doesn't constitute an emergency on blizzards part. Grab a box of kleenex and wipe those tears up, because we all know all of you EST/CST whiners will be up at 2/3am, red bull in hand, nerd !@#$% ready and eyes glued to the screen.

Best of luck to all the server firsters and I'll see you all on tuesday! :)
4am for me.

Pretty BS EU gets it 9 hours earlier, hacks really as it puts a damper on the rest of the world lvling fairly as any1 can have access to their experience, always something bogus.

Anyways Panda Windwalker 90 incomng.
I'm probably going to be up til 2am (When it launches my time) anyway turning in homework last minute (online class).
Yay ill be at work.. no one to bother me while i quest LOL... perfect timing for me.. overnight shift on monday and i technically do nothing all night long.. except read my school books and twiddle my fingers.. if im not logged in the world and playing.. ill be on at 11:45pm westcoast time blizzard dont fail US!

yeah good luck server firsters.. get it out the way so its not a super fast rush to 90 :-) ... it seems that everyone is on turbo mode till that chieve pops then everyone looses speed and actually get work done..
whooo all nighter with fifa! 5k gold says the new tech does a crash and burn and server go down for several hours by 12:30 pdt
So why exactly can't we get it when the euros get it that would be prime time for most us players

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