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Emerald Dream
Path of the Light is a level 25 guild looking to expand for Mists of Pandaria and beyond. We are an RP, PVP, PVE guild on the Emerald Dream server whose aim is to enjoy all aspects of the game as a close knit fellowship. We are ADULT ORIENTED and FAMILY SAFE. We welcome all alliance races, including pandarens!

IC: Path of Light aggressively defends the Alliance and all of Azeroth and promotes devotion to the Light among all Alliance races. The four pillars of our fellowship are honor, valor, benevolence, and reverence.

For more information visit our website at pathoflight.guildportal.com or contact Eodréd, Pílgrim, or Tsierra in game.
Path of the Light is looking for players who want to share the adventure of Azeroth with friends in adult oriented, family safe atmosphere based on Christian values. For more information, contact Eodred in game.

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