Extra pet at Panda starting point.

Hunters, I figured out how to keep your turtle and get another pet at the Panda starting point. I am after the white crane. First, do the quest up to where you get your ranged weapon. Stop, don't do any more quest yet. This should be in the first couple quest. Second, kill stuff for experience and find a proffesion trainer and do mining. Make sure to get a pick. Mining gives experience. Continue mining and killing stuff without doing quest up to around level 14 or 15. Make sure to loot and buy from vendors better ranged weapons during your leveling. Remember, you can choose an Inn to make your hearth and if you sign out for a while to work on another toon you will gain the blue bar for double exp. Once you reach the level 14 or 15 level, then go to starting point and do all the quest up to leaving the island. Keep mining during this time and you should hit level 18. And as we all know, we don't have to find trainers anymore. After you hit 18, then you can tame your second pet. Then you can finish quest and leave the island happy. Hope this helps.
thats sick

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