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Pet Battles
So, after playing pet battles for a while after MoP's launch, I have had a lot (and I mean A LOT) of fun with them. I thought I might start a forum that we could talk about possible additions to the system! I'll start off with:

Battle Stat Tracking, Leaderboards, and Rankings
-Being able to track the amounts of wins, loses, ties, etc. that a player has is something I feel should be added to the statistics portion of the achievements tab, if not the pet battles tab. Leaderboards, such as the newly implemented Challenge Mode ones, would go a long way in making Pet Battles an even bigger and more popular feature. Rankings/Achievements, such as the Battleground/Arena ones, would do the same. Titles or other rewards would motivate players, among other things.

I feel that Blizzard has really got something great with Pet Battles, and I think they did a wonderful job with them already! This is just something I feel could help Pet Battles take on a bigger audience and have more lasting appeal. Is there anything that you guys think would make pet battles even better?

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