Advice on using Barrage

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So, having hit level 90 and trying out the level 90 talents, mainly Glaive Toss and Barrage, I have some advice for anyone using Barrage; assume it's going to hit things in front of you that you weren't intending to hit, because if it's in range, it will shoot them. Had it happen to me a few times while out questing and I ended up getting swarmed by the now-angry mobs I shot in the face.

Was doing a run in Heroic Scholomance with another hunter from my guild, and he had Barrage; ended up pulling the first boss by accident while we were clearing trash because he was facing in her general direction when he used it (Miraculously, we managed to survive that and kill the boss despite the healer getting killed and bailing on us). So my practical advice is this: Make sure there's nothing you don't want to pull behind your target, and position yourself so that you won't hit what is behind it.

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