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I can't seem to find a way to swap out the abilities for my level 10 pets. I want to swap out Frog Kiss for Tongue Lash on my Mojo and can't figure it out...
I think this will help...

"Each pet has 3 abilities it can use during a battle, but a total of 6 to choose from. They will also have a total of 3 active spell slots that show which abilities can be used during a Pet Battle. The first spell slot will already be unlocked, but the second and third will only become available once the companion has reached a certain level. Other spells will also unlock after reaching higher levels.

Each slot has two spell options, and you can switch abilities in each, but only before and after your pet battles—not during. To switch an active ability, click on a pet's active slot in your Pet Journal, and a select which ability you'd like your pet to use from the drop down menu."

Good luck!
ive tried this but it doesnt work
This doesn't work for me either. Has it changed? I can see the new ability, I cannot drag it, move it, click it, or click the arrows between it and the ability above it? Any help would be appreciated
I just figured it out after blind luck. You change them in the drop down from your pet slots. you cant change them in the creature selection window at the top, you choose them while the pet is in your roster on the lower right.

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