Tips for BG entry/time sink

I used to be a decent raider back in Wrath, had to cut down on wow time in cata because of computer/time issues. Now, I finally have a smashingly fantastic computer, but still limited on time. I really want to just occasionally hit up the LFR and do some casual fun stuff with tillers and what not. After all, college comes first. But, I'm thinking this is my chance to do something else I've always really wanted to do- hitting up pvp. I do want to do arenas, but I adore BGs, particularly Warsong and the other, smaller bgs. I always do everything in resto (besides questing/dailies) and I'm hoping resto will be viable this expac. I wanted to know, is it realistic to try and actually grind for gear and try to pvp in that area between hard core and casual, considering I won't necessarily be able to get on all the time (when midterms/finals hit, missing several days of game play if needed)? How does one enter into pvp without being spammed for being a n00b, just because you haven't been pvping since Vanilla? Do you have to drop the gold for the blue set to start grinding for honor? I definitely stay in a limited wow budget, consistently under 20k, so I don't have gold to shell out all the time. If I do have time for regular pvp, where do I start? Anyone have any good resource tips?

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