have you ever created a new toon from scartch

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I've switched servers a few times (Hi, Tichondrius, Garithos, Proudemoore, and a few others!). Various reasons, ranging from overcrowding, to friends being on a different server.

Can't say I regret it, but then I'll start a character over if I decide his eyes don't look right.
I have but I never end up sticking with it. The lack of gold and such always bugs me.
I tried it a few times but was never able to commit to it. The highest I ever got was 20. I may try again one day, and really stick to it.
I do it all the time, just for the challenge. It's a bit different when I can't send my new alt a few hundred gold pieces to start out with, 4 big bags, and heirloom gear.

Try it, you might like it.
Repeatedly. The first was the day I hit 60 back pre-BC on my first character. (In those days, you could not transfer from a PvE to a PvP realm.) Usually, it's a call from friends to go where they are playing. But, occassionally, it's to get away from those same friends.

Two questions you have to know the answer to;

1) Do other people sponge off your greatness?
2) Is the AH for whimps?

Your answer is your answer for if you should, young grasshopper.


(Note: this one does NOT count as its a resurrection thing after a year hiatus. Wife called and what was I to do?)
My friend & I each created 2 characters this year on a new server. We didn't use any leveling perks (no RaF, BoA's obviously), & did not join a guild the entire time leveling.

We took advantage of holiday events to make gold & such. For that aspect alone it was great fun - nothing like running around Outland & Northrend at level 30-40.

We still play them although I've only been on this server to work on my mains since the expansion.
There was a variety of reasons that made it fun, such as before then I had never made characters on any other server, or on the opposite faction. So now I consider this my horde server, & the other for my alliance.

I enjoyed it very much & would do it again.

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