Almost 70, being prepared for artisan riding

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Hello there, i am currently a level 68 night elf druid and i am actually looking forward artisan riding as soon as i hit level 70. I am currently at 3.5k gold with 400 herbalism/mining, so i'm wondering what should i farm to reach 4.5k gold to buy the artisan riding skill. I am currently in arthas (realm)

Thank you. :)
No one else besides yourself will really be able to effectively answer that - but I can tell you how to find the answer (or at least, one good way to answer it.)

If you go to, and choose your Realm and Faction(Arthas, Alliance), you will see that the consumable tab will allow you to review the average price of herbalism and mining materials (and the other gathering professions, too - but you are mostly concerned with your own).

Review the list of items, and determine which has the best "acquire/price" tradeoff for you, given where you are questing, or where you are familiar with with regards to gathering mats, and gather and sell.

The reason that no else can really answer this is that not only is pricing very server and even faction specific, but it also depends on your own evaluation of how the tradeoff between questing and "gathering for gold" plays out.

Alright thanks for the answer, i'll check out that website and see what i can do.
Buy cold weather flying (available at level 68) to enable flight in Northrend before buying faster flying. Being able to fly faster in Outland won't help when you're questing in Northrend.
I did that already :) From now on i've been farming cobalt in Zul'drak and i got about 800g worth of cobalt to sell so i'll be ready for artisan riding once i hit 70.

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