heroic leap

i think heroic leap should have a shorter cd and remove movement impairing effects i just got in a fight with a lvl 86 fire mage on my 85 bm hunter i was able to kill him then a 87preist comes and i was able ot cc teh fire mage and get the preist down to 40% 3 times b4 they killed me..............so i get my 87 bad !@# warrrior to finish the job.....oh wait i blow all my cds and im froze with nothing to break it fire mage and preist goes to 40yrds witch is out of my charge range even with glyph....so i just stand there not able to do anythign till it breaks i heroic leop to mage fear priest start to hit him not doing any damage cause i blew all my cds already oh wait a big dragons head oh wow im ccced for another 4 seconds.... dead.... i couldnt do anything OH AND BTW i thought orcs was supposed to be ressist to stuns fear ect not enuff to make a diff give us something better.......15 percent aint crap
I think your wall of text should have more paragraphs
I'm imagining what his essays for school or reports for work look like... and I'm cringing.
Heroic leap doesn't feel heroic. They should just name it... Leap.
Um....so you were in some kind of 2v1 and got another add or two mid-way, and got at least one kill out of it, almost two, and you're complaining?

Heroic leap is almost too good at 45 seconds as it is. Try glyphing into safeguard if you're having trouble with roots.
09/30/2012 03:09 AMPosted by Fennris
Heroic leap doesn't feel heroic. They should just name it... Leap.

Hahahaha. Or make it more heroic, with an abbreviated version of the shout animation + shockwaves upon landing :d

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