Nat Pagle rep

01/31/2013 06:52 AMPosted by Booziel
It makes me wonder why I even bother with these grindy, time consuming achievements when Blizz just inevitably makes it easier for everyone in the end.

Because you enjoy playing the game? Of all the things to care about being nerfed, this one really had it coming... those fishies are insane to catch some days...
My main got the Mimic Octopus on one of his first casts in Pandaria. Since then, I've gotten one of the others once each, plus another Mimic IIRC. I haven't been trying specifically for them (that way lies madness and the Giant Sewer Rat) but I have been doing an awful lot of fishing. At this rate it would take me two expansions to hit Exalted with Nat.
mimic octopus is plentyful and quick on isle of giants

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