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Hey everyone, I recently found out that I need to spec BM for my guild, due to our lack of a Heroism in raid, and I could use some help when it comes to BM.

I've played a hunter for a very long time, and I have MM and SV down, but I just can't seem to get the hang of BM... mainly due to my lack of willingness to practice it, attributed to me hating the spec more than anything in this game.

But, I'd love to see whatever you've got to help; whether it be a long winded paragraph stating how I am screwing up, or website links, macros, or whatever you're willing to throw at me.

Thanks anyone who actually replies to this, I'll be back in the morning to check things out.

Take care
haha, I really should have mentioned PvE, I know how stupid BM is in PvP atm :P BW, LR, KC, Readiness, KC, LR, honor gain.

I was fairy certain noxxic would come up, always used Icy veins more myself, but thanks for the link anyway :) I also plan on pausing EJ and the like, then just buckling down for 2 hours and master the rotation in easy to chew pieces and then combining them >.> hehe
It is a lot of CDs to handle, but always make sure you save Rapid fire until after BW, try and hit a kill command at the start so you can get two in during the duration, ups DPS a lot
Things I think are important about being a BM hunter.
(these are my personal opinions, feel free to differ.)

The above mentioned, I think elitist jerks is a much better source of info.

Mastery is your friend. Stack it equally with crit.
Currently Mastery gives a massive boost to Kill Command, Blink Strike, Lynx Rush, Dire Beast, and Stampede....unbelievably good scaling for those attacks.
Haste is much much of less value for BM than it is for the other 2 specs.
Some people even play BM with zero haste on their gear.

I like Blink Strike. Yes Lynx Rush does more damage on a training dummy, but the ability to have your pet teleport 40 yards when needed is just too useful in too many situations.

Also, I use Thrill of the Hunt instead of Dire Beast.
Dire Beast is significantly more dps, BUT, we have too many buttons as is, TotH is a passive, one less button/cooldown to manage. This is particularly significant for a beginner.
If you ever go for hard mode heroic raiding, go for Dire Beast.
Also, TotH really helps with Multi Shot. Without it, AoE is much weaker, and AoE is already a weakness for BM.

Similarly I use Spirit Bond instead of Exiliration, as its a passive. Iron Hawk is a passive too, but only affects you, not your pet. Spirit Bond helps both you and your pet. Keeping your pet alive as BM is sooooooo very important.

Make macros.
BM's ability to get massive burst damage is partly based on getting all the abilities lined up...Rabid + Beastial Wrath + Kill Command, that sort of thing.

I don't use Focus Fire.
Elitist Jerks has done extensive testing, and the use of Focus Fire gives a VERY small dps gain.
(trivial dps gain really, in part due to it using up a GCD now.)
Not using it make for one less thing to manage.
Plus, the main advantage of using Focus Fire is to get a big haste buff, which mostly is for generating more Focus....BUT as I use TotH instead of Dire Beast, I am often focus capped or near capped, so the need for haste is even less.

So, to summerize:

I have made several choices that cut dps by a small amount BUT make for easier gameplay.
Skill matters a LOT in raiding, what skill I have I can narrow down to fewer abilities, get more out of them, and make back the dps from using what I have better.
Obviously not the choice for a uber hard mode heroic raider, but could very well be exactly what you need as being new to the spec.
oh so BM is hard to play lol

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