Missing follow up quest for golden lotus.

Bug Report
I did all the daily quests from the golden pagoda and whitepetal lake, then i was sent to setting sun garrison and competed up to "No Reprieve". After this quest i was offered NO OTHER quests. I have visited every quest site in the vale and nothing, no quest to be seen anywhere.

What the hell do i do, i am really disappointed. I looked on wowhead and it is my assumption Anji Autumnlight SHOULD have given me the quest : Vyraxxis, the Krik'thik Swarm-Lord
because that is one of the quests that gives the treasures of the vale reward, which i have not beeen offered today, also one that i have not done yet (and being this is my first time at setting sun garrison).
This is the most depressing thing ive experienced in 7 years of wow, how can there not be a follow up quest for me?

I EVEN grped with a player that was on the two previous quests that i had completed to see if he is offered a quest and possibly share it with me, he was offered some Guo-lai quest that said i had already completed, it wasnt even one of the end of day quests that offered teh satchel of goods.

Please CS, i am in dire need of assistance!
I killed a rare mob while i was on "No reprieve" (the last quest offered to me today, with no satchel of goods) could this have possibly bugged me somehow?
"Kal'tik the Blight" is the rare NPC I killed, he was very near the quest mobs for "No reprieve"
Sorry forgot to mention this is my posting account, the character in question is Fascinate on Lightbringer server, lvl 90 human priest.
Have you done a search under the Quests Forum? Have a look on wowhead for the previous quest to see if there is indeed a "follow up" quest.
No repreive itself, is a daily quest.. while there may be a lead up quest to do that daily, there is not usualy follow up qeuests.
With the Golden Lotus dailies there is always a follow up quest until you get [Treasure of the Vale] which will be given as a reward for the final daily you can complete on that day. I am also having the same issue. I have completed all the quests in the area for today and I have not gotten a quest to get my treasure. Was really hoping to get a new JC pattern from my box today and not to mention the lost rep that I cannot get from the last daily quest. Hope this bug is fixed soon.
Same problem finished "no reprieve" no follow up.
I am having a similar issue with Golden Lotus. I did the quest to open the gate but there are no further quests, im stuck @ 600 rep into neutral. I must have done every questline in all of Pandaria trying to see if i missed something . As of yet no luck.
I am having the exact same problem as you. I look forward to farming a "Treasures of the Vale" every day, and now I am unable to get one.
I think we are supposed to get the quest, "Lost Scouts" but I can't seem to get the quest. I did some searching seems like this quest is bugged. And it is the precursor to "the Butcher" which gives you the Treasure of the Vale.
Same problem here, this will be my 3rd or 4th day without being able to get [Treasure of the Vale], and all the Rep that is attached with it. Very very frustrating when you are deeply involved in these dailies and some stupid bug gets in the way.

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