Any hope for the Ethereal Soul-Trader?

Pet Battles
Hey there,
I've had the Soul-Trader for many years now, always been the coolest non-combat pet in my opinion, and while I've focused on mainly PvP it sucking souls out when I kill people adds that extra insult to injury.
Anyway, with the release of the MoP expansion, his size got reduced from near blood elf female size to standard mini-pet size :o(. This was okay in my mind though, as he was going to be able to be awesome and battle in his own way soon.
But since using him to battle, I have found him quite useless compared to others. Is there any hope for my poor Soul-Trader? Could anyone suggest a team I build around him to compliment his abilities? I really do want to have this coolest of cool pets in my team, as I have had him out near constantly every time I've been logged on for the past 4+ (I think) years.
Thank you so much!
(And don't judge that I'm currently using a Pandarren, that's just a placeholder!)

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