What's up with our hit box?

I've noticed in PVP that I have to be ON TOP of someone to hit them, literally my character touching their character.

This wasn't a problem in Cata at all, I could be chasing someone and be behind them a little bit and still hit them with my frost strike or oblit...not anymore.

Anyone else noticing this or am I crazy?!
no, you're not crazy. it is an issue. melee almost always has to
be right on top of their target. i've been testing this in various
ways and what i'm thinking is it's a product of cross-realms which
is a causing a hidden latency. a few isolated area's seem to be free
of this. have been noticing several other issues since xrs as well.
hope these problems get remedied.

simple fix, give melee attacks an 8-10 yard range.
10/06/2012 11:47 AMPosted by Lightvoid
simple fix, give melee attacks an 8-10 yard range.

10/06/2012 11:47 AMPosted by Lightvoid
simple fix, give melee attacks an 8-10 yard range.
el oh el
Everything was normal before MoP. I've never had to be right on a target to hit them with special attacks or auto attacks, usually I can be a little behind them (they're running away and I'm chasing) and I would always still connect, not the case anymore...you have to be almost "inside" their character.
On the contrary, I seem to be able to hit targets 5 yards away from me in the lower brackets. Weird.
I have to be 20 yards from a target to actually get my 40 yard range ability to connect with them. Otherwise I just get spammed with OUT OF RANGE OUT OF RANGE OUT OF RANGE.
Something happened with this expansion to make latency take such a nosedive.
I've noticed quite often even when my little icon is white indicating target is in range, when I actually try to use an instant cast spell, I get "out of range". Not sure if it's the same issue.
I think its more to do with them implementing "collision" then actual game lag.

Some mobs now actually cannot be run through anymore , pretty sure while programming that you would have to reduce the "silly swing" of melee attacks to make it more exact.

would not be surprised if the next tier boss will have mechanics where collision is a factor to consider.

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