Just The Hunter and His Pet - Soloing Guide

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This guide will be seeing a huge overhaul soon. It has been outdated for some time and will be changed soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, it will be in working order again soon!

Update 9 / 27 - I've decided with the updates to the guide being made that certain sections will be removed almost, if not fully, entirely dur to no longer being accurate or relevant. The main offender being glyphs as they are only cosmetic now and provide no in combat value. Guide should be updated within a week or so, I appreciate everyone's patience as I take the time to figure everything out once more.

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to make a detailed thread here to help anyone who’s interested in soloing content, this goes for those who are new to it and veterans soloers!

With that said, please keep in mind that this guide will not go into great detail for individual encounter, it is intended to help those who are looking for ideas on how to defeat certain content alone. Also, if anything stated in this guide seems wrong or needs editing, please feel free to say so! So with that said, let’s get started!


1) Hunter’s Pet
2) Specialization
3) Talents
4) Glyph Choices
5) Flasks, Items, and Various Stat Allocations
6) Rotations. Macros, Videos, and Play Styles.

----------- Hunter’s Pet ------------
As someone who wishes to solo content, the first thing you need to take a serious look at is your pet as well as your pet’s spec! This is about as important, if not more important than your own spec when it comes to soloing content. Let’s take a quick over view of the pet specs.

Ferocity – The damage dealing spec.
Tenacity – The tanking spec.
Cunning – The utility spec

Ferocity In Terms of Soloing – Ferocity is rarely used for any 5 man, 5 man heroic, or raid tier content in terms of soloing. For any questing purposes, ferocity works great for making mobs die faster and will be tank enough just like the other two specs to handle any incoming damage. With that said, I have seen for very difficult fights (fights that are pushing the extreme limits to the hunter class) ferocity pets used for their Heart of the Phoenix ability. With that said, I would not recommend using a ferocity spec pet outside of questing.

Tenacity In Terms of Soloing – Tenacity is the go to spec for soloing purposes. The reason for this is because tenacity spec’d pets are the only ones who are crit immune, they receive extra healing from the hunter, have the most armor and health, as well as having Last Stand for defensive purposes. For questing it may make things a bit slower, so I’d recommend using a Ferocity of even a cunning pet unless the quest mobs are doing serious damage to your pet. For any 5 man, heroic 5 man, or raid content, tenacity spec’d pets will and should almost always be your pet’s spec of choice. Simply put, your pet will take too much damage to tank for you otherwise.

Cunning Pets in Terms of Soloing – I personally have not seen many cunning pets used for soloing purposes. They will work fine for any quest related soloing content, however I’ve never seen one used to push the limits of the class nor have I seen one used effectively for general soloing needs. With that said, cunning pets are the only one with Roar of Sacrifice, so I’m sure there will be a point where someone finds enough use out of a cunning pet simply for that ability to push a soloing fight to the extreme. With that said, I would not recommend a cunning pet for most soloing purposes.

Now that we’ve gone over each of the specs a bit, let’s talk about your actual pet. With so many pets out there, it’s hard to choose sometimes right? So I’ll briefly talk about which pets are typically going to be your go to pet.

The Spirit Beast (BM only) – A tenacity spec’d Spirit Beast easily makes for one of the best pet picks out there for a BM hunter. Spirit Beasts like all other pets can make use of the wonderful ability cower. In addition, they will have access to Spirit Mend which can be used to heal either yourself or your pet.

Spirit Beasts are a good choice for fights that will involve a lot of damage to the Hunter but NOT your pet. They will be tanky enough for most fights, however they will not be able to endure tank heavy fights. They are also a good choice for any encounter which may do percentage based damage instead of flat values due to cower not affecting such abilities usually.

The Turtle / Beetle – A turtle / beetle is another pet that is easily one of the best choices for soloing purposes. Simply put, their ability Shell Shield / Harden Carapace is simply an amazing ability. Both of these abilities offer a flat 50% damage reduction to most attacks for 12 seconds on a one minute CD (42 seconds for BM). Turtles are by far the best tanking pet for any hunter who is not BM. They are also the best pet for BM hunters for any heavy damage fights for your tank (your pet!).

Other Pets – Other pets can get the job done (some have even been used to counter certain boss fights) however I will not be going into detail about them simply because they are the exception normally.

Making Effective Use of Other Pets - While many of the other pets will not be used so much when it comes down to tanking or damage purposes for soloing, it is still a good idea to keep some of these other pets with you. The reason for this is so before you begin a difficult encounter, you can quickly summon these pets, use their buffs and dismiss them in favor of your tanking pet. This on average can give you about 50 seconds or more of extra stats at the start of a fight. Keep this in mind if you're working hard on an encounter, and you're close but you just don't quite have the damage. This will most likely make up that difference.

For more information about the other pets that you might find useful for your soloing needs, check out http://www.wow-petopia.com/

--------------- Specialization ------------------

So let’s talk about the hunter finally! Let’s go over the spec’s very briefly.

Beast Mastery (BM) – This spec focuses on giving your pet more damage and threat in terms of soloing. BM also lowers the cool downs for your pet’s abilities than that of the other two specs. BM however lacks any self heals outside of your talents unless you choose to use a spirit beast. Overall, a BM hunter is an excellent choice for soloing.

Marksmanship (MM) – This spec focuses mostly on the hunter doing damage through his or her ranged attacks. MM has in the past been the default soloing spec simply because Chimera Shot brings you a small % based heal which over the course of a fight, is incredibly strong. MM’s rotation however in terms of soloing can get… extremely messy. However, with that said MM is still overall an excellent choice for soloing just like BM.

Survival (Surv) – Surv relies on heavy dot damage through abilities such as Serpent Sting, Black Arrow, and Explosive Shot. Surv can have good results for soloing quest content and some 5 man content. Surv also proves to have the strongest AOE output. However surv does not bring any survival tools for your pet or yourself. Surv’s dot damage can also make keeping agro on your pet tricky sometimes. With these issues, surv is typically a spec that is not used for soloing purposes due to lack of utility and defensive abilities.

The spec you choose to play and solo as is of course, up to you. However, I’ve found that the hunter spec should and will vary depending on the type of content you’re doing, as well as specific boss encounters. So keep in mind each spec’s strengths and weaknesses when deciding which type of content you plan to solo.
------------ Talents --------------
So let’s talk about the talent choices that we have and what we will find best for our soloing possibilities! Keep in mind this part of the guide is mostly personal opinion through the use of personal testing, as well as watching other soloers in how they choose to do soloing content. Talents may also vary from fight to fight.

Tier One Talents – The tier one abilities revolve around the hunter’s disengage.

Posthaste – A good choice overall for soloing content. The speed boost can help the hunter either kite adds or kite the boss if need be.

Narrow Escape – Personally, I’ve found this to be a poor choice for soloing purposes. For many boss fights, the roots will not work on the boss and I’ve often found, they simply do not work on the adds either. With that said, for certain encounters (Gothik The Harvester from Nax comes to mind), this talent can be incredibly strong since the fight is almost ALL adds and they can be affected by roots. Overall I’d avoid this talent unless you’re working on very specific fights.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera – Overall, I believe this talent to be the best choice. The lowered CD on disengage can be nice for heavy movement fights as well as bringing you a little bit extra utility. However, the main reason I believe this talent to be the best is the lowered CD on deterrence. The added utility and defensives this brings to you is in my opinion, too great to pass up for soloing.

Tier Two Talents – The tier two talents revolve around utility CC talents. The choices here are normally boss specific, but I’ll briefly go over them.

Silencing Shot – This is my personal go to ability for this tier. It is not useful for all fights, however any fight where there is a cast that can be interrupted, this talent is a great pick.

Wyvern Sting – In my opinion, this is probably the weakest talent on this tier. For fights where there is a single add that can be affected by CC however, you may wish to consider this talent to buy you some much needed time away from the add.

Binding Shot – Again, this is a fight dependant ability. For any fight where there are multiple adds that can be stunned, this ability is a great pick.

Tier Three Talents - This tier revolves around survival for both the Hunter and the Pet. This tier is an extremely important tier to pick from and will revolve around the content you are soloing, as well as your own personal play style.

Exhilaration – A strong on demand heal for the hunter, and is essentially a Lay on Hands for your pet (the tank!). A good pick overall for any fight that may have heavy damage for both the pet and the hunter. The only down side to this talent is the two minute CD.

Aspect of the Iron Hawk – Another strong choice, this talent is good for any fight that may cause serious damage to the hunter. Finding other ways to heal yourself such as making use of a spirit beast can make this talent incredibly strong. The main downside to this talent however, is if you have to switch aspects you’ll lose the 15% damage reduction.

Spirit Bond – This is a strong talent for fights where there may be a break in combat (an example would be if the boss has to pause to do some RP, or has a long cast time ability). This choice also lessens the importance of damage taken to both you and the pet. The downside to this ability is that the heal is small and it’s over time, so for many damage heavy fights this talent may not be the best unless you can find a way around the damage.

Tier Four Talents – This tier isn’t too important, and will rely mostly on the hunter’s personal play style.

Fervor – A good choice for any fight where burst is needed at very specific parts of the soloing encounter. However, when not using this ability or when it’s on CD, your focus returns are low.

Dire Beast – An excellent choice for soloing purposes if you need overall high and consistent amounts of focus as well as a bit of extra damage.

Thrill of The Hunt – This choice leaves less control to the hunter and relies more on RNG. I personally prefer this choice the most however so I can make constant use of my Arcane Shot as needed, as well as making my current rotations for soloing less clunky.

Tier Five Talents – This tier is about ways in which you or your pet can deal some extra damage.

Murder of Crows – As I understand it, these crows do not count as pets and count as hunter damage. This makes Murder of Crows a good choice for hunters who are MM or Surv, but not BM. For certain encounters, this long dot can be extremely useful.

Lynx Rush – My personal favorite on this tier, lynx rush is great for BM’s damage as well as gaining threat for your pet in both single target and add heavy encounters. Overall a strong ability for burst heavy phases as well as threat generation if needed.

Blink Strike – This ability is strong for mobility intensive encounters. Overall it adds up to about as much damage as lynx rush and generates threat for your pet, however for soloing needs I do not like it due to our rotations already being clunky and this ability just adds more complexity to it.

Tier Six Talents – This tier revolves around ways the hunter can do some extra AOE damage.

Glaive Toss – This is a good ability for any encounter in which there are possible adds that need to be kited. I however again do not like it due to the low CD which makes the rotation more complex.

Power Shot – I personally do not think this is a strong talent for soloing purposes due to their being better choices for AOE damage versus adds as well as the long CD and cast time this ability has. With that said, this ability can be extremely useful if you’re working on an encounter that requires heavy burst from the start.

Barrage – Overall, I believe this to be the best choice for soloing purposes. It is flexible in that you can use it in either Hawk or Fox as needed, and overall it does the most AOE damage to my knowledge. The CD is not overly long nor is it too short to the point of messing with your rotation.

With all of these talents, I highly recommend picking each of them to your individual needs and to your liking. I may have personal favorites, but that does not mean you cannot find use out of them all!
-------------- Glyph Choices ----------------

Let’s go into glyph choices now. Overall glyphs are very important, and there are only a few choices that are viable in terms of soloing. I’ll quickly go over the ones that I believe may have use in terms of soloing.

Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Mending – Unless you’re working on an encounter with incredibly little damage to your pet, I personally believe this glyph is mandatory for all three specs in terms of soloing. The healing to your pet is too much to pass up.

Glyph of Misdirection – This glyph is also almost mandatory for both Surv and MM. It’s also an incredibly strong choice for BM, however depending on your talents and play style, as well as the encounters you intend to work on, it may not be needed.

Glyph of Animal Bond - This is a strong choice for fights where extra healing is needed on the pet over the duration of the encounter. It’s also a strong choice to increase all self healing done on the hunter.

Glyph of Endless Wrath (BM only) – This is a strong choice for those spec’d into Exhilaration as well as for tank heavy encounters. Mix this in with readiness, you can have up to 20 seconds back to back with an unkillable pet.

Glyph of Chimera Shot (MM only) – This is a great choice for any MM hunter who wishes to solo content, the extra healing adds up quickly over the course of a fight. For any fight that does heavy damage to the hunter, keep this glyph in mind.

Glyph of Distracting Shot – I personally do not like this glyph as it removes possible utility from the hunter as well as giving agro to your pet who shouldn’t need help with it, with that said, for any encounter where the target specifically only targets the Hunter, this can be an incredibly strong choice to reduce damage.

Glyph of Liberation - This glyph is new as of 5.2. This makes your disengage heal you for up to 5% of your total health, which is incredibly strong for fights where more sustain than usual is needed (such as Heroic Instructor Chillheart in Scholomance). This should be a go to choice if you need to survive longer during specific fights. Be sure to use this wisely as it's tied to your main escape mechanic which can really harm you if not used properly

Glyph of Liberation now currently replaces the old Marked for Death glyph which has been made baseline (meaning all hunters now have access to it without the use of a glyph slot).

Glyph of Black Ice – A great choice for any encounter in which kiting is a must. If your enemies can be slowed, this glyph is an exceptionally great pick due to the slow and the added speed increase you and your pet will receive.

Glyph of Deterrence – This is another decent choice for encounter which may include damage that deterrence cannot stop. It will reduce the damage further however, which can ultimately save your life.

Glyph of Mend Pet – This is a choice that is very fight specific. I only recommend using this for fights which dispels on your pet are needed.

Now that I’ve gone into the Prime Glyphs, let’s briefly also go over the minor glyphs. These glyphs are not as important, but there are still some choices here which can help you in some soloing encounters.

Glyph of Revive Pet – This is an ok glyph for any situation where things may have gotten out of hand and you need to try to rez your pet.

Glyph of Aspect of The Cheetah – This may come in handy for a fight in which Cheetah may be necessary for kiting purposes.

Glyph of Stampede – This glyph can be useful for a BM hunter who wishes to use 5 spirit mend heals. I would not recommend this glyph for MM or Surv however.

Please keep in mind that most of these glyphs are fight dependent as well as being dependent on your own personal play style. Keep in mind as well that several of these choices can work well with your talent choices and other glyph choices.
----------- Flasks, Items, and Various Stat Allocations -----------

This section is important for soloing due to the fact important stats can be weighted differently for soloing purposes over normal PVE and PVP content. The stat weights also vary from fight to fight, and in many cases the normal PVE stats will work just fine if not the most optimal.

Agility – This stat in almost all cases will be weighted as your most important stat to seek. However, for certain fights Stam may prove to be more useful.

Stamina (stam) – Although typically not so useful for PVE/PVP, Stam in terms of soloing can be incredibly useful, if not mandatory in terms of pushing fights to the limit. Keep in mind that stam will increase your pet’s health, which in turn increases your healing from Mend Pet, as well as possibly increasing the heals from other sources. For any extremely damage heavy fight in which the time you defeat the boss is not overly important, stam stacking can be an extremely viable way to push your limits.

Other Stats – Other stats will typically be weighted the way they normally would be for PVE purposes and should not be overly focused on outside of hitting your hit and expertise cap.

Flasks – Flasks are very important to keep in mind, however there will be only two flasks you should consider for soloing needs.

Flask of Earth – This is MoP’s version of the Stamina flask. It is an important choice and very viable for any fight where either heavy pet damage is being taken in or if the hunter is taking in heavy damage.

Flask of Spring Blossoms – This is MoP’s version of the Agility flask. This will normally be your go to flask for soloing purposes, as it will allow you to push as much damage possible.

Various Items – This is a list of various items that may come in handy for certain encounters.

Heavy Wind Wool Bandage – Bandages have saved my life multiple times throughout several soloing encounters. I would recommend keeping several on you in case of emergencies.

Master Healing Potion – This is a great choice for any fight where you know you will be taking in damage. It’s a strong on demand heal, and if you’re an alchemist, it can heal the majority of your health with the alchemist stone active.

Virmen’s Bite – This is the on demand agility potion. Having these on you for any soloing encounter can be extremely useful. Popping one of these before starting an encounter can grant you an extra four-thousand agility and still grant you access to the use of another potion mid fight.

Darkwater Potion – These can be incredibly helpful for any encounter in which you need to kite. It grants a 70% speed boost and a 200% swim boost for 15 seconds. The speed boost will help keep the enemy off of you!

I’m certain there are other items that can be incredibly useful, so if you have any you would like to add to this list, please say something so I may edit the guide!
------------- Rotations and Play Styles ----------------

This section is incredibly important, and it’s one of the main reasons why I believe certain talent choices to be less useful than others. I’ll be going into how I solo stuff mostly and my own rotations, however keep in mind that there are possibly other ways to play effectively and you should try out what works for you. This is simply how I play and how I find the best results for soloing.

For all of my soloing specs, I spec into Glyph of Mend Pet and Glyph of Misdirection. The third glyph depends on whichever spec I’m using as well as the encounter I’m working on. Here are the general rules of thumb to how the rotation should go for each spec.

1) Hunter’s Mark before pulling, attempt to keep it up throughout the fight if possible.
2) Keep Mend pet up at all times. This should always be active.
3) Misdirect to your pet whenever possible. This will help prevent any threat issues as well as giving you utility uses with FD since you won’t be needing it for threat reduction purposes.
4) Apply Serpent’s Sting and keep it active.
5) Make use of pet CDs as necessary.

Now let’s go into the more specific details involved for each spec.

BM) Along with keeping up with the general rules of thumb for each spec, for BM you need to be able to use KC (kill command) every time it’s off of CD if possible, and using extra focus on your arcane shots. When necessary, cobra shot to regen focus. Depending on glyph choices, you should use Beastial Wrath (BW) every time it’s off CD to reduce focus costs as well as increase your damage output. If you’re glyphed for BW, try to make use of BW as much as possible to increase your damage output, but also try to predict when your pet may die so you can keep it up with a good use of BW.

If you’re about to BW for damage, be sure that you’ve pooled enough focus to spam your attacks during BW, and also be sure that a fresh Mend Pet is active on your pet so you won’t have to interrupt your damage rotation.

MM) For MM you should attempt to keep to the general rules (as should all specs) in addition you should Chimera Shot every time it’s off CD. The only time you shouldn’t is to either keep up with the mandatory rules of thumb, or if you’re expecting damage to make smart use of your heal. You should always attempt to keep your Improved Steady Shot active (ISS), however it is not nearly as important as the other rules of thumb. Any time your Master Marksmen (MMM) procs, you should cast aimed shot for a free instant aimed shot.

Surv) As for the other two specs, keep to the general rules of thumb. Be sure to keep black arrow (BA) and Explosive Shot (ES), up at all times if possible. Cobra shot as needed.

Play Styles and Tips – For many fights these may come in handy but aren’t always useful nor are they mandatory.

Master’s Call - Make use of master’s call! Seriously! This ability is underrated in terms of soloing purposes. This ability can be a great way to save your pet’s life if the boss cannot be affected by Distracting shot. By quickly switching your pet to passive, activating master’s call and making a run for it, you can allow your pet to receive extra ticks from Mend Pet while the enemy attempts to catch up to you and your pet!

Distracting Shot – This ability is great for relieving pressure from your pet. It’ll allow your pet extra mend pet ticks without taking serious damage. Keep in mind that this is not a real taunt and that the target will go back to fighting the pet when it wears off. This ability however is great when used in combination with deterrence. In addition, this spell can be useful for when a boss is casting an ability that only hits players excluding the tank. A great example is Marrowgar’s Bone Spike from ICC. When used during his cast, the bone spike will fail to hit you or the pet as the spell will not affect tanks and will not affect pets. This is incredibly useful and should be kept in mind.

Stampede – With the addition of this spell in MoP, this ability allows for all sorts of possible extra utility from your pets. Be sure to either use this ability for bursts, as a defensive CD, or utility depending on the fight and your glyph choices. If your pet dies and you haven't popped this spell yet, now would be a good time to get agro on to your summoned pets giving you time to rez your current pet.

Feign Death – This ability may come in handy for fights where several adds may be agroe’d to you, this ability can save your life if you know you’re going to wipe or if you need to get threat back to the pet.

Readiness – This is by far one of your most useful abilities. This can be used for extra burst, however I highly recommend saving this for utility or defensives as needed. The extent of this ability is far, so I’ll briefly state this, try to make wise use of it and avoid using it before you’ve used up all of your current CDs.

------------- Macros -------------

In this section I'll just quicky post a few of my own macros, and I'm hoping this will allow everyone to have a more successful run at soloing.

#showtooltip misdirection
/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

This macro will allow you to always apply Misdirection to your pet without having to target him. In addition, if you have a focus target that is friendly it will cast it on them instead (assuming they can receive misdirection).

Spirit Mend

/cast [@focus,help][help][@lazyguide,exists] Spirit Mend

This macro will allow Spirit Mend to always be cast on yourself. If you have a focus target it will cast on that target instead (assuming if friendly). Of course, you'd take out my name and put your own in instead.

If you want spirit mend to only target you, use this macro.

#showtooltip Spirit Mend
/cast [target= lazyguide] Spirit Mend

Again, changing lazyguide to your own name.

Distracting Shot

#showtooltip Distracting Shot
/cast Distracting Shot

This macro allows you to cast distracting shot the moment you need it, so in case you're using a casted shot it will stop the casted shot and immediately cast Distracting Shot. For fights like Marrowgar this will really help.

Silencing Shot
#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cast silencing shot

This macro will allow you to cast your silencing shot on demand. There are just some moments where you need to stop your current cast and silence your target, this macro allows you to do that.

Last Stand
#showtooltip Last Stand
/cast Last Stand

This macro will allow you to quickly activate last stand if you find you're having troubles with the pet's action bar. It'll free up space so you can watch more of the CDs.

Burst Macro

/cancelaura Deterrence
/cast rapid fire
/cast lifeblood
/cast roar of Recovery
/cast call of the wild
/use 13
/use 14

This macro is useful for any fight where extreme amounts of damage are needed to burst through certain phases. The 13 and 14s represent your trinket item slots, which will allow on use items to be used by just using this macro. If you're BM I don't recommend using this at the same time as BW due to spells like Rapid Fire and Lifeblood (if you're a herbalist), providing less overall damage when used in conjunction with BW. So if you're BM and need some burst I recommend this next macro...

Bestial Wrath Burst Macro (BM only)
#showtooltip Bestial Wrath
/cast rabid
/cast call of the wild
/cast Bestial Wrath
/use 13
/use 14

This macro will activate some of the abilities from the previously mentioned macro without using the ones that will lower your overall DPS. This macro also activates your trinkets slots, however if you have a trinket that activates your haste or attack speed, it is wiser to make use of that in the other burst macro and take it out of this macro.

All of the mentioned macros should make your life easier. I'll continue to update this section as I find other macros to make use of.

------------ Helpful Youtube Channels and Videos ---------

This section will remain brief, it will have a small compilation of some of my own more difficult solo'd content, as well as mentions and links to other very good soloers.

Festergut Solo[ 10 Man/b]


In this video, from the proof from parses and from other videos, this is done by me at level 85 making for the third person in the world to solo (as far as I can/could tell).

Heroic Wise Mari



This is a two part video of me soloing Heroic Wise Mari from Temple of the Jade Serpent. This was not an incredibly challenging fight, and I believe there is other level 90 content we should be able to solo.

Gluth 10 Man


This video is a video of me soloing Gluth, one of the bosses I personally believes takes more finesse in performing correctly. I did this at 85 however, so it maybe easier now.

I'll be making more videos as well, and I have several others if you wish to watch them. Here's the link to my youtube channel.


There are others who I believe are amazing at pushing the limits of the class as well as putting up useful guides for a fight to fight basis.

Stevenash (a poster on these same forums) is incredibly good at soloing content and creates video guides with commentary to explain the fight as needed. I highly recommend checking out his channel.


Durendil, another amazing hunter who solos content pushing the class to the limits. He has several world first hunter solos under his belt, he writes guides for the more difficult content (with links to them), and I feel he deserves a mention as I personally find him to be one of my inspirations for soloing content.


----------- Reasons to Solo ------------

Over the course of playing WoW for over eight years, I see people ask me this question over and over, "Why would you want to solo stuff when you can play with friends?" It's a good question, and in this section I'll quickly go over just some of the reasons why I find soloing entertaining and how it can be practical for you. This section is a bit more personal, so please keep that in mind.

First, I'd like to answer the question as to why would I want to solo content when I can play with friends. I find the answer simple, I do not always have time to play when my friends are currently playing. I'm not one to let that stop me from enjoying my fun though, so with that I gladly take on the challenge that comes from soloing both old and new content. I enjoy pushing myself to the limits, and achieving goals that should take anywhere from 5-25 people feels rewarding to me!

Recently, there was a decrease in the amount of gold a player could earn from a boss that they solo'd. This has discouraged players from soloing because they are in it for the amount of money it can bring in. While the nerf to the bosses has lowered the amount of gold per boss kill substantially, this does not mean soloing content is a bad way to earn gold.

By simply going into a raid dungeon alone (let's say Naxxaramas as an example) and you're killing all of the mobs + bosses, you can easily make thousands of gold. By looting each mob, including all of their items (from gray to epic) and selling those items either back to a vendor (mostly for grays - greens) or on the AH (blues or epics normally) you can earn tons of gold very quickly.

That's not to say soloing is the best way to earn gold, because it's not. But it is still a viable option if you want to earn money and have some fun while you're at it. Not only that, but you can still do other things (such as dailies) in conjunction with soloing to earn as much gold as you possibly can.

----------- Other Useful Sites and Information --------------

This is just a brief section I've added, as I've had requests to make the guide bigger with more in depth details on bosses and such. I unfortunately do not have the time to make this guide as in depth as that, however I've found other sites that have information on fights that have guides as well which I've used myself previously. These sites should be able to help cover any information I may have missed.

http://www.warcrafthuntersunion.com/ -------- Warcraft Hunter's Union

This site hasn't always been the most accurate in terms of making your character as optimal as possible. HOWEVER, with that said it is a great place to find information if you want to get into soloing, or need to learn more about the class itself. It also has useful guides for some of the rougher solos for mounts which can be useful.

http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/961522-Hunter-Soloing-old-stuff-Compilation-%28Update-in-progress%29 ------- MMO Champs Soloing Compilation

This thread is currently in the process of being updated, however inside the thread if you read on there are other posters who give very excellent detailed posts on how to solo certain bosses. Previously before the update began the OP had a huge guide for several bosses, so when that is done all of the information should be compiled neatly in the first post. With that said, because it's updating the URL may change when it is done updating so I recommend if the URL has changed to keep an eye on Asiralol's profile and you should be able to find the thread that way.

http://www.mmo-champion.com/members/585658-Asrialol -------- That is a link to his profile, just in case there are issues with the URL link I posted earlier.

----------- [b]Hunter Path to Success

I hope you’ve all enjoy this guide, and I hope all of you can find success with the tips and ideas used in this guide. Please leave any criticism or praise and let me know of any changes I should make. Thank you!
There we go, guide posting should be done. Will be making edits as needed, hope to hear feedback!
dont forget to keybind!

much love <3
For any hunter interested in solo-ing, I think this is a great guide (not because I'm biased or anything towards Lazy, honest...). Great enough to deserve a sticky, imo.
Just something to update, there is a new swiftness pot in MoP

(Item not found)

Darkwater potion.

adds a 70% speed over the old 50% swiftness, + a cool looking transform. cheap and easy to make if you dont mind some fishing.
Just something to update, there is a new swiftness pot in MoP

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Darkwater potion.

adds a 70% speed over the old 50% swiftness, + a cool looking transform. cheap and easy to make if you dont mind some fishing.
Thank you sir! I shall update that shortly!

10/02/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Jellysauce
Great enough to deserve a sticky, imo.
That's what I'm hoping for, trying to keep an updated guide to help those who are interested in soloing content on their hunters.
10/02/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Jellysauce
For any hunter interested in solo-ing, I think this is a great guide (not because I'm biased or anything towards Lazy, honest...). Great enough to deserve a sticky, imo.

^ This. ^
I think your Guide pretty much covered everything I can think of, going to request Sticky. :)

Edit: I would recommend tossing a link to Petopia in the Pet section so people can see what other pet options there are and what buffs certain pets give.
10/02/2012 05:16 PMPosted by Hunterfall
For any hunter interested in solo-ing, I think this is a great guide (not because I'm biased or anything towards Lazy, honest...). Great enough to deserve a sticky, imo.

^ This. ^
I think your Guide pretty much covered everything I can think of, going to request Sticky. :)

Edit: I would recommend tossing a link to Petopia in the Pet section so people can see what other pet options there are and what buffs certain pets give.
Thank you! And I shall update that section shortly (in a heroic atm)
Hoping to keep this at the front page for anyone who may find the information helpful or if there's anyone else with and questions/criticism about the guide.
Great Guide!
Very informative. Voted for sticky!
Thanks guys :D! Let me know if there's any information I should change/add, I haven't gotten around to adding more updates quite yet (curse you school work!) but I'll be adding/changing stuff around as needed to keep things updated.
Apparently, the maximum number of times you can report a thread to be stickied is once.
10/05/2012 08:11 AMPosted by Adarant
Apparently, the maximum number of times you can report a thread to be stickied is once.
Well...hopefully they pick up on it at least...?
A useful technique is to pop stampede if you pet dies. Stampede still works and your stampeded pets will pull agro long enough for you to rez you pet.

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