Light's Hammer Recount

Lights hammer i see shows up as pet dmg, but i dont think its added into the dps of your main, is this correct? i just dont see much diffrence in dps when i use it or dont, and i know its tearing it up ;)
It is definitely counted into the total, at least on Recount. I finished a run as Holy earlier today with ~4m total damage displayed, but all my individual attacks totaled up to less than 1m.

However, since Recount loses track when you have multiple pets (as an aside, is there any way to fix or get around this?), it doesn't specifically list the LH damage and shows the 1% that was dealt by your GoAK instead. It's still included in the total, but Recount "forgets" what the source was, I guess.
Apparently it current only shows up in the total of your own recount but not others, as I compared my recount with my friends and found it to be different only when I used light's hammer.

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