Started WoW again after almost a year

Hi, im just starting wow again after almost a year and i decided to go back and level my paladin (85 ret, holy) but to my surprise i have no idea what are my priority attacks for questing, haha i dont remember what spells i used to kill mobs in pve, if anyone can help me out giving me the ret priorities attacks i would really appreciate it.

P.S also holy priorities for dungeons if possible =)
Range would be exorcism then judgement (judgement first if you have long arm imo). Melee I think its 3 hp inquisition>5hp templars verdict>(avenging wrath HoW)>art of war procs>crusader strike>judgement. Not an expert but it works for me.
ok i'll try that, but just to make sure what is HoW? lol
Hammer of Wrath lol. Sorry, just used to using acronyms.

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