I thought this was funny

If you're at all aware of the state of pvp right now, you may be able to pick up on the subtle irony.

If you're not aware of this, I have circled the subtle irony in red.

Most of us are aware of how grossly OP warriors are, and stunned by how many warrior players insist they're the weakest class.
Did you think it was funny? I found it to be humorous
There's no irony or humor in that pic.
You mean people might be scared of Squeaky at level 90?

/eyes widen

10/04/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Lothy
Did you expect alliance healers have more KBs than warriors? This is not patch 5.0.4 anymore.

I expected to see a diverse class distribution, and did not. In fact, I saw 5 warriors in the top 6 and the entire top 6 comprised of the faction with warriors. The faction who had joined the BG without warriors lost.

There is probably some correlation. I would take a larger sample size of many BGs on my battlegroup if I was trying to prove a point. I think the point has been proven countless times, now, though. Nobody really cares to see it made more often.

Given the lack of blue-presence on this board, I think it's safe to say that the only person I would be convincing of anything would be myself.

I do not have any say, when it comes to class balancing, nor do you.
I just want to point out that a mage greatly out dps'd every class on there - nerf mages!!!!

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